Cheap Schools and Universities in Russia for Master Degrees and Their School Fee

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Are you looking for affordable options to pursue your Masters degree in Russia? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of cheap schools and universities in Russia that offer quality education at an affordable price. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best universities in Russia for Masters degree programs and their school fees. So, if you are considering furthering your education in Russia, read on to find out more about these budget-friendly options.

1) Lomonosov Moscow State University

This venerable institution is not just renowned for its storied past and comprehensive range of Masters programs but also for its commitment to making higher education accessible. The affordability of its tuition fees is a testament to this commitment, positioning it as an ideal destination for international students with aspirations of studying in Russia. 

Despite its prestige, the university ensures that pursuing a Masters degree remains within reach for many, without compromising on the quality of education and the breadth of academic opportunities available. This unique blend of affordability, academic rigor, and a wide array of programs makes Lomonosov Moscow State University a standout choice for those seeking a cost-effective path to advanced education in Russia.

2) Saint Petersburg State University

Known for its pioneering spirit in research and innovation, this university is an attractive option for students aiming for a Masters degree without the financial strain often associated with higher education. 

Its school fees are notably competitive, a feature that draws a diverse student body eager to partake in its quality educational offerings. The university’s dedication to maintaining low tuition costs while delivering an education that rivals that of more expensive institutions is what sets it apart. 

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3) Novosibirsk State University

Renowned for its robust research initiatives and a strong emphasis on developing practical skills, the university has carved out a niche for itself among the most budget-friendly higher education institutions in Russia. 

Its Masters programs are particularly attractive to those looking for an economically viable path to further their academic and professional careers. The school’s fee structure is designed to alleviate financial burdens, enabling students from diverse backgrounds to access a world-class education without the stress of exorbitant costs. Novosibirsk State University is a prime choice for individuals seeking a blend of affordability, quality education, and a rich research environment for their Masters degree pursuits in Russia.

4) Tomsk State University

Tomsk State University shines as a beacon of affordability within Russia’s vast educational landscape, offering a variety of Masters degree programs designed to foster academic growth without the financial stress. Recognized for its commitment to intellectual rigor, Tomsk State University sets itself apart with its low-cost tuition fees. This feature particularly benefits international students aiming for a comprehensive education in Russia on a budget. 

The university’s broad curriculum spans across numerous fields, emphasizing innovation, research, and academic distinction at a fraction of the cost associated with similar institutions. By providing a cost-effective pathway to higher education, Tomsk State University ensures that students do not have to compromise on quality for affordability. This institution exemplifies how accessible and high-caliber education can go hand in hand, making it an attractive option for those aspiring to achieve their Masters degree without incurring significant debt.

5) Kazan Federal University

This institution prides itself on a comprehensive selection of programs that emphasize interdisciplinary learning and innovation, tailored to meet the needs of a global student populace. Its competitive tuition fees are designed to attract ambitious students who seek quality education without the financial burden often associated with higher learning. 

The university’s commitment to affordability does not detract from its mission to provide a robust educational experience, encompassing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills vital for the global job market. By offering a diverse array of academic disciplines, Kazan Federal University ensures that students have access to a broad spectrum of study areas, fostering a learning environment that is both inclusive and intellectually stimulating. For individuals looking to advance their education in Russia, this university represents a financially viable option that does not compromise on the quality or breadth of academic opportunities.


How much does it cost to get a masters degree in Russia?

Tuition fees in Russia are generally affordable compared to Western countries. International students typically pay between €1,770 and €5,540 per year for a Master’s degree program (Source: However, the exact cost can vary depending on:

  • University: Universities in major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg tend to be more expensive.
  • Program: Certain specialized fields like medicine might have higher fees.
  • Language of instruction: Programs taught in English might be slightly more expensive.

Which university has the lowest cost in Russia?

If you’re looking for the lowest cost university in Russia, you’ll want to check out South Ural State University. Tuition fees at SUSU start at just $3,300 USD per year, making it one of the most affordable universities in the country. SUSU is located in Chelyabinsk, a city in the Ural region of Russia, and offers programs in a variety of subjects including engineering, medicine, and economics.

How much is Russian tuition fee?

As mentioned earlier, Russian tuition fees for international Master’s programs range from €1,770 to €5,540 per year.

Is a Masters in Russia worth it?

Whether a Master’s in Russia is worth it depends on your individual goals and priorities. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Russia offers a good value compared to programs in Western Europe or North America.
  • Program quality: Research the reputation and accreditation of the university and program.
  • Career opportunities: Consider if a Russian degree will be recognized and valued in your desired field and job market.
  • Personal experience: Living and studying in Russia can be a unique and enriching experience.

What are the disadvantages of studying in Russia?

There are a few potential disadvantages to studying in Russia that students should be aware of. One is the language barrier, as the primary language of instruction in most Russian universities is Russian. While many universities offer courses in English, the majority of the coursework is still conducted in Russian. Additionally, some students have reported difficulties in finding accommodation and navigating the local bureaucracy. 


Wrapping up, Russia houses a myriad of institutions that present an economically feasible route to obtaining a Masters degree without sacrificing educational quality. From the historic corridors of Lomonosov Moscow State University to the innovative classrooms of Kazan Federal University, the options for pursuing advanced education on a budget are plentiful. These universities underscore the possibility of achieving academic and professional growth cost-effectively, making the dream of studying in Russia accessible to a wider audience.

Whether you’re drawn to the scientific hub of Novosibirsk or the cultural richness of Saint Petersburg, affordable academic excellence awaits. These institutions are proof that financial constraints don’t have to be a barrier to accessing top-tier education and opportunities in Russia. For prospective students aiming to enhance their knowledge and career prospects through a Masters degree, exploring these affordable universities could be the first step towards achieving their educational goals without undue financial strain.

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