Fully Funded Timor-Leste Scholarships 2024/2025

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In the global pursuit of education and professional development, scholarships play an instrumental role in facilitating access to higher education. For individuals from Timor-Leste looking to pursue further education, there are a variety of fully funded scholarships available from universities around the world. 

These scholarships, often comprehensive, offer opportunities to study in a foreign country, gain international exposure, and build a global network while lessening the financial burden. Let’s delve into some of these exciting opportunities.

University of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarship

New Zealand’s University of Otago is recognized for its robust research programs and is extending the International Research Master’s Scholarship to students hailing from Timor-Leste and other countries. This fully funded scholarship program is an excellent opportunity for students aiming to undertake a Master’s degree by thesis at the University of Otago.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

To be eligible for the University of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarship, you must:

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  • Be an international student (not a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident).
  • Be applying for admission to a thesis-based Master’s program at the University of Otago.
  • Have a first-class or upper second-class Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • Meet the University’s English language requirements.

What are the benefits of the scholarship?

The University of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarship provides the following benefits:

  • A stipend of NZ$17,172 per annum to help cover living expenses.
  • Partial tuition fees covered, up to the domestic student rate.
  • This means that you will only pay the same tuition fees as a New Zealand student, not the higher international student fees.

How to apply for the scholarship

Applications for the University of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarship are typically open in August each year. The application process involves:

  • Completing an online application form.
  • Submitting a supporting statement outlining your research interests and how they align with the scholarship criteria.
  • Submitting academic transcripts and certificates.
  • Providing proof of English language proficiency.

This scholarship grants students a unique chance to delve into top-tier research, partake in an active scholarly community, and experience the exquisite beauty of New Zealand firsthand.

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University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

Canada’s prestigious University of Manitoba offers the Graduate Fellowships to students of exceptional merit from all over the globe, including those from Timor-Leste. This scholarship program is designed to support students who exhibit remarkable talent and promise in their area of study.

What are the benefits of the UMGF?

The UMGF provides the following benefits:

  • Master’s students: $14,000 per year for 12 or 24 months, for a total of up to $28,000.
  • PhD students: $18,000 per year for 12, 24, 36, or 48 months, for a total of up to $72,000.
  • The value and duration of the award are determined by the department/unit.

How to apply for the UMGF

Applications for the UMGF are typically open in November each year. The application process involves:

  • Completing an online application form.
  • Submitting a statement of research interests.
  • Submitting academic transcripts and certificates.
  • Providing proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency.
  • Demonstrating financial need.

It extends beyond the classroom, paving the way for scholars to forge international connections and broaden their horizons through cultural exposure.

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Heinrich Boll Scholarships in Germany for International Students

One of the top scholarship programs for international students, including those from Timor-Leste, is provided by the Heinrich Boll Foundation in Germany. This scholarship specifically caters to students who exhibit strong academic abilities and an unwavering dedication to effecting societal change. The goal is to facilitate and encourage meaningful education and research, ultimately contributing to the cultivation of a more inclusive, democratic society.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

To be eligible for the Heinrich Böll Scholarships, you must:

  • Be an international student from a country outside of Germany.
  • Have an excellent academic record.
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to social and political engagement.
  • Share the values of the Heinrich Böll Foundation: democracy, ecology, solidarity, and non-violence.
  • Be proficient in German (at least level B2 or DSH 2 for Master’s and PhD studies).

What are the benefits of the scholarship?

The Heinrich Böll Scholarships provide comprehensive financial support, including:

  • Monthly living allowance (currently €850 for undergraduates, €930 for Master’s students, and €1,200 for PhD students).
  • Tuition fees (not applicable in Germany, but possible in other countries for Master’s students).
  • Study-related costs (e.g., books, travel).
  • Health insurance.
  • Language courses.

The application for the Heinrich Boll scholarship is open to Timor-Leste students. By securing this scholarship, students do not merely gain financial aid for their education. More significantly, they become part of a global network of change agents and influencers in diverse fields, working towards creating a better, more equitable world.

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What is the scholarship for Timor Leste 2024-2025?

The Timor Leste Scholarship 2024-2025 is a fully funded scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Timor Leste to eligible citizens of Timor Leste. The scholarship provides funding for tuition, fees, living expenses, and travel costs for the recipient. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be a citizen of Timor Leste, have a high school diploma, and be accepted to an accredited college or university in Timor Leste. The application process requires submitting an application form, transcripts, and a personal statement. Applicants are selected based on academic merit and financial need. 

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

There’s no guaranteed formula, but strategic effort and strong applications significantly increase your chances:

  • Meet all eligibility criteria meticulously. This includes academic requirements, language proficiency scores, and specific program stipulations.
  • Excel academically: Strong grades, standardized test scores, and a proven track record are crucial.
  • Craft a compelling application: Showcase your goals, aspirations, and how the scholarship aligns with them in a clear and impactful statement.
  • Collect strong recommendation letters: Seek letters from professors, advisors, or individuals familiar with your potential and achievements.
  • Apply early and strategically: Submit applications well before deadlines and focus on programs matching your profile and needs.
  • Explore diverse opportunities: Government, university, foundation, and organization-specific scholarships exist. Cast a wide net!

Which country is easiest to get a full scholarship?

While it is difficult to say definitively which country is the “easiest” to get a full scholarship in, there are some countries that tend to have a higher percentage of fully funded scholarships available. For example, Norway, Finland, and Sweden all have national scholarship programs that are open to international students, and the competition for these scholarships is generally not as fierce as in other countries. Additionally, many private foundations and organizations in these countries offer full scholarships to deserving students. As such, it may be easier to get a fully funded scholarship in one of these countries than in other parts of the world.

Which country gives the most scholarships?

Several countries offer full scholarships, including Germany, France, Sweden, and Norway. But remember, eligibility, competition, and specific details differ by program. Research thoroughly to find opportunities that match your profile and academic goals.

Which scholarship is the easiest to get?

It’s impossible to pinpoint a single “easiest” scholarship. Each program has its own criteria and competition level. Focus on:

  • Identifying scholarships aligning with your profile and background.
  • Meeting eligibility requirements meticulously.
  • Demonstrating your potential and achievements through a strong application.
  • Applying strategically to programs with higher chances of success based on your profile.

Remember, persistence, strategic application, and showcasing your unique qualities are key to increasing your scholarship chances. Good luck!


In conclusion, the world is brimming with opportunities for individuals from Timor-Leste to pursue higher education on a fully funded scholarship. Universities and foundations from New Zealand, Canada, and Germany, among others, are ready to welcome scholars from Timor-Leste, recognizing their potential and enthusiasm for contributing to the global community.

Lastly, remember that these scholarships are more than just financial aid; they serve as stepping stones to a brighter future. They are a testament to the commitment of these institutions to nurture talent and ambition from every corner of the world, including Timor-Leste. So, seize the opportunity and step into a world of countless possibilities!

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