Cheap Schools and Universities in Scotland for Master’s Degrees and Their School Fee

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Scotland is an excellent option for those looking for a top-notch education at an affordable price. The country is home to several renowned universities, including the University of Edinburgh, the University of St Andrews, and the University of Glasgow. All of these universities offer a wide range of master’s degree programs, with tuition fees starting at around £6,000 per year. In addition to their excellent academic reputation, these universities are located in some of the most beautiful cities in Scotland, making them an ideal place to live and study. 

Criteria For Master’s Degree In Scotland

Criteria for pursuing a Master’s degree in Scotland may vary depending on the university and the specific program of study. However, here are some common criteria and requirements:

  • Educational Qualifications: Prospective students typically need a relevant undergraduate degree from a recognized institution. The required grade may vary depending on the program and university.
  • English Language Proficiency: International students whose first language is not English are usually required to demonstrate proficiency in English by providing scores from standardized tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. Minimum score requirements may vary depending on the university and program, but generally, a score of at least 6.5 in IELTS or equivalent is often required for admission to Master’s programs.
  • EducatedTranscripts: Applicants are typically required to provide official transcripts of their academic records from previous institutions attended. These transcripts should detail the courses completed and grades obtained.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Some programs may require letters of recommendation from academic or professional referees who can attest to the applicant’s abilities and potential for success in the program.
  • Statement of Purpose or Personal Statement: Many universities require applicants to submit a statement of purpose or personal statement outlining their academic interests, career goals, and reasons for choosing the specific program.
  • Research Proposal (for Research-based Programs): Applicants to research-based Master’s programs may need to submit a detailed research proposal outlining their proposed research topic, objectives, methodology, and potential contributions to the field.
  • Interview (if required): Some programs may require applicants to participate in an interview as part of the admissions process. This interview may be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video conference.
  • Visa Requirements (for International Students): International students planning to study in Scotland may need to obtain a student visa or other relevant immigration documents. Visa requirements may include proof of sufficient funds, health insurance, and a valid passport.

Prospective students should carefully review the specific admission criteria and requirements for their chosen program and university in Scotland.

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Cheap Schools and Universities in Scotland for Master’s Degrees and Their School Fee

The below are Cheap Schools and Universities in Scotland for Master’s Degrees and Their School Fee

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1) University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)

This unique university college offers a distributed learning model with campuses across the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Estimated annual tuition fees for international students: £12,420 (British Pounds).

2) Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Located in the historic capital city, Queen Margaret offers a variety of Master’s programs with a focus on social sciences, humanities, and professional studies. Estimated annual tuition fees for international students: from £5,500 (British Pounds).

3) Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) 

Situated in the vibrant city of Glasgow, GCU offers postgraduate programs in various fields, including business, engineering, and social sciences. Estimated annual tuition fees for international students: from £11,500 (British Pounds).

4) Edinburgh Napier University 

With campuses in Edinburgh and the Borders region, Edinburgh Napier University provides Master’s programs in various disciplines, with a strength in design and creative industries. Estimated annual tuition fees for international students: from £14,500 (British Pounds).

5) Robert Gordon University (RGU) 

Based in Aberdeen, RGU boasts expertise in vocational and professional programs. Master’s degrees are offered in various fields like engineering, oil and gas, and business. Estimated annual tuition fees for international students: from £12,000 (British Pounds).


How much does a Master’s degree cost in Scotland?

Tuition fees for Master’s degrees in Scotland can vary depending on several factors:

  • Public vs. Private University: Public universities generally have lower tuition fees than private institutions.
  • Specific Program: Fees can differ between programs even within the same university.

How much does it cost to study in Scotland for international students?

The total cost of studying in Scotland includes tuition fees and living expenses.

  • Tuition fees: As mentioned earlier, expect a range of £5,500 – £14,500 (British Pounds) annually for public universities.
  • Living expenses: Factor in accommodation, food, transportation, and other necessities. This can vary based on your lifestyle and chosen city. Major cities will likely be more expensive. Consider budgeting around £1,000 (British Pounds) per month for living expenses.

What is the minimum fee for a Master’s degree in the UK?

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single minimum fee across the entire UK. However, Scotland offers some of the most affordable Master’s programs in the UK, with the University of the Highlands and Islands potentially having fees as low as £5,500 (British Pounds) annually for certain programs.

What is the cheapest LLM in the UK?

LM (Master of Laws) programs can be expensive. While it’s difficult to identify the absolute cheapest option, some Scottish universities might offer competitive LLM fees within the UK range. Researching universities like those mentioned earlier (University of the Highlands and Islands, Queen Margaret University) could be a good starting point.

Which university in the UK has the lowest tuition fee?

Scottish universities tend to have lower tuition fees compared to other parts of the UK. The University of the Highlands and Islands is a strong contender for having some of the lowest fees in the UK for Master’s programs, potentially offering programs as low as £5,500 (British Pounds) per year.


So, there you have it – everything you need to know about studying in Scotland for a master’s degree. It’s a great option for those looking to earn a high-quality degree at an affordable price. With a rich culture and plenty of scholarship opportunities, it’s no wonder why so many students choose to study in Scotland. If you’re considering a master’s degree, be sure to research all your options and find the right fit for you. Scotland has a lot to offer – so come see for yourself!

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