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China Solidarity Centenary Scholarships at University of Leicester

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At Leicester, there is a long time ago settled companionship and associations with Chinese establishments and associations. Consistently, we invite Chinese understudies to concentrate with us. China was the main nation to have the Covid-19 episode and the Chinese economy has been essentially affected over this year. We accept that it is critical to connect and offer our help to imminent Chinese understudies and their families situated in China during this difficult time.

These eleven grants are accessible to self-subsidized Chinese understudies from terrain China who:

Were key laborers during the COVID-19 flare-ups in China.

Have accomplished great evaluations or same

Get and acknowledge a proposal to concentrate on any one-year, grounds-based postgraduate encouraged certificate at the University of Leicester beginning in September 2021.

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College of Leicester

Ts is a grant by College of Leicester

The University of Leicester (/ˈlɛstər/LES-tər) is a public exploration college situated in Leicester, England.


You should have:

Immovably acknowledged the proposal of a spot at the University of Leicester, and

Paid your £2,000 educational expense store


£5,000. A full charge waiver is accessible for one candidate.


You should apply for the grant utilizing the online portal.

You should present a composed articulation (most extreme: 500-600 words) clarifying the justification of your application, and other proof of your time as a critical specialist during the COVID-19 flare-up in China.

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