Fully Funded Vanuatu Scholarships 2024/2025

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When it comes to studying abroad, finances can often be a hurdle for many promising students. However, for those hailing from Vanuatu, there are several fully funded scholarships designed to provide an opportunity for higher education. 

These scholarships not only cover tuition costs but often extend to include living expenses and travel allowances. Today, we will explore some of the notable fully funded Vanuatu scholarships to help you kickstart your dream of studying abroad.

Australia Awards Scholarships

The Australia Awards Scholarships represent a major commitment by the Australian Government to provide educational opportunities to individuals from developing countries, including Vanuatu. Administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, these scholarships are part of a larger initiative by the Australian Government to contribute to the long-term development needs of its partner countries.

Benefits of the Australia Awards Scholarships:

  • Full tuition fees: The scholarship covers the full cost of your tuition fees for the duration of your chosen program.
  • Travel allowance: You will receive a travel allowance to help you with the costs of getting to and from Australia.
  • Living allowance: You will receive a monthly living allowance to help you with your living expenses while you are in Australia.
  • Other allowances: You may also be eligible for other allowances, such as health insurance and establishment allowance.

Eligibility for the Australia Awards Scholarships

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To be eligible for an Australia Awards Scholarship, you must:

  • Be a citizen of an eligible developing country.
  • Meet the academic requirements for admission to your chosen program of study at an Australian university or TAFE institution.
  • Have a strong record of community engagement and leadership.
  • Be able to demonstrate that you meet the specific eligibility criteria for the scholarship you are applying for.

Aiming to foster enduring ties between Australia and its neighboring countries, the Australia Awards Scholarships are a significant investment in the future leaders of the Pacific region, fostering mutual understanding and contributing to stability and prosperity.

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New Zealand Pacific Scholarships

For students from Vanuatu and other Pacific countries seeking the opportunity to study in New Zealand, the New Zealand Pacific Scholarships (NZPS) serve as a gateway to this dream. Funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme, this initiative is part of the New Zealand Government’s commitment to aid and development on a global scale.


  • Full tuition fees covered: No need to worry about academic expenses!
  • Living allowance: Receive financial support for your living costs in New Zealand.
  • Travel allowance: Assistance with travel expenses is provided.
  • Health insurance: Medical coverage ensures your well-being during your studies.
  • Academic support: Get access to resources and guidance to thrive in your academic journey.


  • Be a citizen of a Pacific Island country, including Vanuatu.
  • Meet the academic entry requirements for your chosen program of study.
  • Demonstrate financial need and a strong commitment to contributing to your home country after graduation.

Application Process:

The NZPS are designed to make studying in New Zealand a feasible and stress-free experience for students from Pacific countries. By offering comprehensive coverage of tuition, living costs, insurance, and travel expenses, these scholarships allow promising students from Vanuatu and beyond to take full advantage of the world-class education that New Zealand has to offer.

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Pacific Islands Forum Scholarship

The Pacific Islands Forum Scholarships (PIFS) is a notable initiative that aids citizens from Pacific Island Forum countries, including Vanuatu, in realizing their higher education aspirations. It is backed by generous funding from the Australian Government, which recognizes the importance of fostering educational growth in the Pacific region.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a citizen of a PIFS member country (Vanuatu included)
  • Hold a recognized Bachelor’s degree (with First Class Honors or Second Class Upper Honors preferred)
  • Have obtained admission to a postgraduate program relevant to priority development needs of your home country
  • Demonstrate strong academic achievement, leadership potential, and commitment to contributing to your home country’s development

Application Process:

The Pacific Islands Forum Scholarships not only provide a pathway to higher education for deserving students from the Pacific Island Forum countries but also play a key role in the long-term development of these nations. By equipping students with relevant skills and knowledge, these scholarships are planting the seeds for the future growth and prosperity of the Pacific region.

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The University of the South Pacific (USP) Scholarships

The University of the South Pacific (USP) Scholarships open the doors for students from Vanuatu and other Pacific nations to pursue their academic ambitions without financial constraints. USP, a premier institution of higher learning in the Pacific region, boasts an extensive array of scholarship opportunities to help promising students realize their full potential. These scholarships aim to foster academic growth while aligning with the institution’s objective of contributing to the socio-economic development of Pacific Island countries.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To be eligible for a USP scholarship, you must be admitted to a program of study at USP.
  • You must also meet the specific eligibility criteria for the scholarship you are interested in. This may include having a strong academic record, demonstrating financial need, or being from a particular country or region.

How to Apply:

  • You can apply for USP scholarships online through the USP website.
  • The application deadlines vary depending on the scholarship.

Overall, the University of the South Pacific Scholarships demonstrate a comprehensive approach to supporting students from Vanuatu and other Pacific nations in their pursuit of higher education. By offering extensive coverage of tuition, living expenses, health insurance, and travel costs, these scholarships help students overcome financial barriers, enabling them to focus on their academic journey and personal growth.

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How do you get a 100% scholarship?

here is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the requirements for receiving a 100% scholarship will vary depending on the specific scholarship program. However, in general, you can increase your chances of receiving a 100% scholarship by demonstrating academic excellence, financial need, and a commitment to extracurricular activities or community service. Many scholarship programs also require applicants to submit an essay, so it is important to take the time to craft a strong and compelling essay. Additionally, it can be helpful to seek out letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors who can speak to your character and academic abilities.

Which country is easiest to get a full scholarship?

The ease of obtaining a full scholarship varies and depends on factors like program availability, eligibility criteria, and competition. Countries with robust education systems and scholarship programs, such as Germany, Norway, and Canada, are often considered more accessible. However, individual circumstances and qualifications play a significant role in the application process.

Which country gives full scholarships?

Several countries are known for offering full scholarships to international students. Some examples include:

  • Germany: Offers tuition-free education at public universities and various scholarship programs.
  • Norway: Provides tuition-free education for international students and offers scholarships.
  • Sweden: Offers numerous scholarships for international students at different levels.
  • Canada: Provides various scholarships at both the federal and provincial levels.
  • Australia: Offers scholarships for international students at universities.

Which country has the most scholarships?

Determining the country with the most scholarships is challenging, as many nations actively support education through various scholarship programs. Countries with strong economies and well-developed education systems, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, often have numerous scholarship opportunities.

Which scholarship is the easiest to get?

The ease of obtaining a scholarship is subjective and varies based on eligibility criteria, competition, and individual qualifications. Some scholarships with broader eligibility criteria or those specific to certain fields may be perceived as more accessible. However, it’s crucial to approach each application seriously and diligently, regardless of perceived competition. Some governmental scholarships or those offered by reputable international organizations may be more accessible, but individual circumstances and qualifications play a significant role.


In a world where the cost of education continues to rise, scholarships play a critical role in enabling deserving students to access opportunities for higher learning, especially for those coming from countries like Vanuatu. The scholarships we’ve discussed—Australia Awards Scholarships, New Zealand Pacific Scholarships, Pacific Islands Forum Scholarships, and The University of the South Pacific (USP) Scholarships—are all designed to not only make education more accessible but also to ease the associated financial burdens.

In conclusion, fully funded scholarships for students from Vanuatu and other Pacific nations represent a significant opportunity for these individuals to pursue their dreams of higher education abroad. They not only provide a pathway to quality education but also contribute to the growth and development of their home nations. As a student, it’s essential to research these scholarships, understand their specific criteria, and apply with a clear vision of how you can utilize this education to contribute to the development of your home country. By doing so, you can open doors to a world of opportunities and become a part of the global effort to foster education and development across the Pacific region.

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