Cheap Schools and Universities in Europe for Master Degrees and Their School Fees

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Are you considering pursuing a Master’s degree in Europe but concerned about the high cost of tuition? Fear not, as there are plenty of affordable options available for international students looking to further their education. In this blog post, we will explore some of the cheap schools and universities in Europe for Master’s degrees and their school fees.

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1) Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich, or TUM! This is one of the most prestigious and well-respected universities in Germany. Founded in 1868, TUM is known for its outstanding research and teaching in engineering, natural sciences, life sciences, medicine, management, and social sciences. 

If you’re interested in studying at TUM, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of programs, from bachelor’s degrees to doctoral programs. Plus, Munich is a beautiful city with a rich history and culture, making it an ideal place to study. Do you want to learn more about TUM or the city of Munich?

Estimated Tuition Fee: 2,000 to 3,000 euros

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2) Freie Universität Berlin

Nestled in the heart of Germany’s vibrant capital, Freie Universität Berlin offers a compelling blend of academic excellence and affordability, particularly for those pursuing a Masters degree. This institution is celebrated for its diverse range of programs, spanning the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, making it a versatile choice for students with varied academic interests. 

What sets Freie Universität Berlin apart is its commitment to providing an inclusive and accessible education. The university has established itself as a hub for international students, thanks to its competitive tuition fees. These low costs are part of Germany’s broader educational policy, which aims to ensure that higher education remains affordable and accessible to students from all corners of the globe. 

Estimated Tuition Fee: 3,000 euros

3) University of Lyon

The University of Lyon stands out as a beacon of academic excellence and affordability in France, offering a diverse array of Masters programs that cater to students with interests in business, law, social sciences, and more. This institution is celebrated not just for its rigorous academic standards but also for its state-of-the-art research facilities that attract scholars from around the globe. One of the most appealing aspects of the University of Lyon is its cost-effective tuition fees.

These fees are designed to make higher education more accessible to a broader audience, reflecting France’s commitment to cultivating an inclusive academic environment. As a result, the University of Lyon emerges as an ideal choice for those wishing to immerse themselves in a vibrant academic community while managing their educational expenses efficiently. This combination of quality, diversity, and affordability makes the University of Lyon a prime destination for students from various backgrounds seeking to advance their studies in Europe.

Estimated Tuition Fee:  4,000 euros

4) University of Oslo

This Norwegian institution opens its doors wide to international students, presenting a spectrum of Masters degree programs that span from the intricacies of environmental science to the nuances of education and the depth of psychology. 

What makes the University of Oslo particularly appealing is its approach to tuition fees. Unlike many other universities that can burden students with hefty financial obligations, Oslo works to keep costs manageable. This approach aligns with Norway’s broader educational philosophy, which prioritizes making higher education accessible to as many students as possible, regardless of their financial background.  


Which country is best for Masters with low fees?

Several countries are known for offering master’s programs with relatively low tuition fees. Among these, Germany is often considered one of the best options for international students due to its tuition-free or low-cost education at public universities. Other countries such as Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Austria also offer affordable or tuition-free education for master’s students, especially at public institutions.

Which European country is best for studying at a low cost?

Germany stands out as one of the best European countries for studying at a low cost. Public universities in Germany typically do not charge tuition fees for master’s programs, even for international students. Additionally, living costs in Germany are relatively affordable compared to some other European countries, making it an attractive destination for students seeking cost-effective education.

How much is master’s tuition fees in Europe?

The tuition fees for master’s programs in Europe can vary significantly depending on the country, university, and program of study. In countries like Germany, Norway, Finland, and Sweden, public universities often do not charge tuition fees for master’s programs, or the fees are relatively low compared to private institutions. However, in countries such as the United Kingdom, tuition fees for master’s degrees can be higher, particularly at prestigious universities.

Which European country has no tuition fees?

Several European countries offer tuition-free education, especially at public universities. Among these, Germany is notable for its tuition-free higher education system at public universities for both domestic and international students. Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark also have tuition-free or highly subsidized education systems for master’s students, particularly at public institutions.

Which country is the easiest to get a student visa in Europe?

The ease of obtaining a student visa can vary depending on individual circumstances and the country’s immigration policies. However, some European countries may have relatively straightforward visa processes for international students. For example, countries like Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden are known for having efficient visa processes and supportive policies for international students pursuing higher education.


To sum it up, studying in Europe can be affordable and accessible, especially when you consider the excellent universities that offer Masters programs at lower tuition fees. While tuition fees can vary depending on the university and program, you’ll find that many schools in countries like Germany, the Czech Republic, and France offer tuition fees that are significantly lower than those in the United States or other parts of Europe. For example, in Germany, tuition is typically free for both domestic and international students. In the Czech Republic, tuition fees for Masters programs range from approximately €1,300 to €2,500 per year.

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