Fully Funded Dominica Scholarships 2024/2025

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The Commonwealth of Dominica offers several scholarship opportunities to international students, including fully funded scholarships. The government of Dominica provides full funding for tuition, books, and other expenses to students who are enrolled in a degree program at a Dominica university.

The scholarships are open to students from any country, and they are available for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. In addition to government-funded scholarships, some private organizations offer scholarships to Dominica students.

In this article, we want to go into some of the best scholarship opportunities you can find in Dominica.

The Dominica Houston Association Scholarship Program

The Dominica Houston Association (DHA) Scholarship Program is a beacon of hope for those diligent Dominican students who possess a flair for academia but are hindered by financial constraints. Run by a non-profit organization, the DHA, this scholarship is designed to foster educational excellence amongst Dominican students.


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  • Citizenship or residency:
    • Must be a citizen of Dominica or a permanent resident residing in the Greater Houston area.
  • Academic performance: Demonstrated through strong academic records and potential for success in college.
  • Financial need: Must demonstrate financial need and the scholarship’s impact on your ability to pursue higher education.
  • Community involvement: Involvement in community service and extracurricular activities is valued.

Application Process:

  • Typically opens in September and closes in October or November of the academic year preceding the scholarship award.
  • Application materials include:
    • Completed application form.
    • Acceptance letter from an accredited college or university.
    • Official transcripts.
    • Letters of recommendation.
    • Personal statement outlining your academic goals, financial need, and community involvement.
    • Proof of citizenship or residency.

So dare to dream, because the DHA Scholarship Program is here to make those dreams a reality.

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The Organization of American States (OAS) Scholarships

Do you have a knack for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)? Or perhaps your interest lies in the Social Sciences or Humanities? No matter where your academic interest is anchored, the OAS Scholarships encompass a broad spectrum of fields, thereby enabling you to explore the depth of your chosen discipline.


  • Citizenship: Be a citizen of an OAS member state (excluding Canada).
  • Academic excellence: Demonstrate strong academic records, such as high GPA, relevant coursework, research experience, and publications.
  • Field of study: Pursue a Master’s degree, PhD, or graduate research leading to a university degree in a field aligned with OAS priorities like science, technology, education, culture, and development.
  • Motivation and potential: Showcase your commitment to your chosen field, potential for contributing to society, and clear study goals.
  • Language proficiency: English or Spanish language proficiency is required depending on the program and university language.

Application Process:

  • Timing: Typically open from March to May each year. Check the OAS website for specific deadlines.
  • Online application: Submit your application through the OAS Scholarship website: [].
  • Required documents:
    • Official transcripts and diplomas.
    • Curriculum vitae/resume.
    • Research proposal outlining your research interests and objectives (for PhD and research applicants).
    • Letters of recommendation.
    • Motivation letter explaining your academic goals, research interests, and career aspirations.
    • Proof of language proficiency.
    • Financial aid documents (may be required).

So gear up, aim high, and take a step towards an enriching academic experience in the  Caribbean island of Dominica with the OAS Scholarships.  

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The Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship

This fully-funded scholarship offered by one of Dominica’s most renowned medical institutions, Ross University, provides coverage for the full spectrum of medical degree costs. It goes beyond just being a financial lifesaver; it offers you an exclusive platform to explore the depths of medical science, learn from world-class faculty, and contribute significantly to the healthcare sector.

Eligibility and Application Process:

  • Eligibility criteria and application processes vary depending on the specific scholarship.
  • Generally, strong academic records, MCAT scores, personal statements, and demonstrated financial need are key factors.
  • Applications are typically submitted online through the RUSM website. Deadlines also vary, but often fall between October and November for scholarships starting the following academic year.

Pro Tip:

  • Research individual scholarships thoroughly and choose those that best align with your academic achievements, financial circumstances, and career aspirations.
  • Craft compelling application materials showcasing your strengths, motivations, and commitment to becoming a doctor.
  • Meet all deadlines and submit complete application packages.

Remember, competition for RUSM scholarships is high. Demonstrating academic excellence, financial need, a strong personal statement, and a clear vision for your medical career will increase your chances of receiving scholarship support.

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How Do You Get a 100% Scholarship?

Earning a 100% scholarship, also known as a fully funded scholarship, typically involves a combination of academic excellence, extracurricular achievements, and a compelling application. Here are key steps to increase your chances:

  • Research Extensively: Explore scholarship opportunities offered by universities, governments, and organizations. Look for programs that explicitly cover all costs.
  • Maintain High Academic Standards: Strive for an excellent academic record. Most fully funded scholarships prioritize candidates with outstanding GPAs.
  • Participate in Extracurricular Activities: Engage in leadership roles, community service, and extracurricular activities. Showcase a well-rounded profile that goes beyond academics.

Remember, competition for fully funded scholarships is intense, so presenting a stellar application and showcasing your uniqueness is crucial.

Which Country Is Easiest to Get a Fully Funded Scholarship?

Many countries offer scholarships for international students, but some are easier to get than others. Some of the easiest countries to get a fully funded scholarship include Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Germany is often considered the easiest country to get a scholarship in, as there are many different programs available, including the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship, the Humboldt Research Award, and the Erasmus+ program. France also has a number of scholarship programs, such as the Boursiers d’excellence or the Prix d’excellence et de coopération.

Which Country Gives the Most Scholarships?

The country that gives the most scholarships can vary based on government policies, educational initiatives, and available resources. Traditionally, countries with well-established education systems and a commitment to internationalization provide numerous scholarship opportunities. The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Canada are among the countries that offer a substantial number of scholarships to international students. However, specific scholarship offerings can change, and it’s crucial to research current programs and opportunities in your desired country.

Is It Hard to Get a Fully Funded Scholarship?

Yes, obtaining a fully funded scholarship is generally considered challenging due to the high level of competition. Fully funded scholarships attract applications from outstanding students globally. To increase your chances, focus on maintaining a strong academic record, actively participating in extracurricular activities, crafting compelling application materials, and applying to a diverse range of scholarships. Persistence, dedication, and a well-rounded profile can significantly enhance your likelihood of securing a fully funded scholarship.

Which Scholarship Is the Easiest to Get?

There are a number of scholarships available for students, but some are easier to get than others. Scholarships that have less stringent eligibility requirements are often considered easier to get. For example, the Pell Grant is a need-based scholarship that is available to students with low-income families. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is also a need-based scholarship, and it is available to students who demonstrate exceptional financial need. 


In conclusion, the Dominica scholarships provide an excellent opportunity for international students to receive a quality education at an affordable cost. The scholarships are easy to apply for, and they provide full funding for tuition, books, and living expenses. The scholarships are also open to students from any country, and they cover a wide range of degree programs. The Dominica scholarships are a great option for students who are looking for a quality education at an affordable price.

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