Fully Funded Colombia Scholarships 2024/2025

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Colombia is a country rich in natural beauty, culture, and history. It’s also home to several institutions of higher learning, many of which offer scholarships for international students. These scholarships can provide full or partial tuition funding and living expenses and are an excellent opportunity to experience all that Colombia has to offer. 

The process of applying for a scholarship can vary by institution, but in general, you must submit an application, transcripts, and a personal statement outlining your academic and career goals.

In this article, we want to show you the top scholarship opportunities that are available in Colombia. 

Colombian Government Scholarships

The Colombian Government Scholarships make dream a reality by offering 100% funding for master’s and doctoral programs. This prestigious scholarship is open to international students from all nations that share a diplomatic bond with Colombia.


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  • Financial support: Full or partial coverage of tuition fees, living stipend, health insurance, and other study-related expenses.
  • Academic immersion: Access to high-quality educational programs at Colombian universities recognized for their excellence.
  • Cultural experience: Discover the rich tapestry of Colombian culture and traditions.
  • Professional development: Enhance your skills and expertise, gaining a competitive edge in the global job market.

Eligibility and Application:

  • Eligibility criteria vary depending on the specific scholarship program. Generally, you’ll need strong academic records, language proficiency in Spanish (for international students), and a compelling academic proposal or research plan.
  • Applications are typically submitted online through the ICETEX website. Deadlines can range from December to April annually.

And what about your field of study? This program has got you covered! Whether you’re a budding artist or an aspiring scientist, the wide spectrum of fields available ensures that there is something for everyone. Arts, Humanities, Science, Technology, you name it.  

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Fulbright Scholarships for Colombian Students

A world of knowledge and experiences awaits Colombian students looking to further their education in the United States, thanks to the Fulbright Scholarships. Named in honor of the distinguished U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright, these scholarships represent more than just financial assistance; they represent a commitment to fostering mutual understanding and respect through academic exchange.


  • Full funding: Covers tuition fees, living stipend, health insurance, international travel, and research or project grants.
  • Academic excellence: Opportunity to study at renowned U.S. universities and collaborate with leading experts in your field.
  • Cultural immersion: Immerse yourself in American culture and society, building lifelong friendships and professional connections.
  • Career development: Gain valuable skills and experience to enhance your future career prospects.


  • Colombian citizenship: Open to Colombian citizens only.
  • Strong academic record: Demonstrate academic excellence and potential for success in your chosen field of study.
  • English language proficiency: Required for most programs, with TOEFL or IELTS test scores often needed.
  • Leadership potential: Show evidence of leadership qualities and commitment to community service.
  • Specific program requirements: Each scholarship type has additional eligibility criteria, so be sure to check the details for your chosen program.

Application Process:

  • Applications are typically submitted online through the Fulbright Colombia website.
  • Deadlines vary depending on the program, but generally fall between February and July each year.
  • The application process is competitive, so be sure to prepare strong application materials highlighting your academic achievements, research interests, and motivation for pursuing a Fulbright scholarship.

So, if you’re a Colombian student with dreams of studying in the United States and a passion for making a difference, the Fulbright Scholarships could be your golden opportunity. Picture yourself stepping onto the campus of your dreams, armed with the knowledge that you are part of a global network of scholars working towards a brighter future.  

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AIESEC Global Talent Internship Program

This program gifts Colombian students the chance to engage in fully funded international internships in multiple disciplines. Whether your heart beats for Marketing, Information Technology, or Business Administration, this program has a space for you.


  • Age: 18-30 years old
  • Open to students, recent graduates, and young professionals
  • Good academic record and evidence of relevant skills and experience
  • Strong motivation to work in an international environment
  • Ability to adapt to new cultures and environments

How to apply:

  • Visit the AIESEC website:
  • Search for internship opportunities based on your interests and skills
  • Create a profile and submit your application
  • Interview with potential host companies or organizations

In essence, this is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, to learn, to grow, and to challenge yourself in a global business setting. The AIESEC Global Talent Internship Program isn’t just about gaining professional experience. It’s about enriching your perspective and inspiring your future career path. This opportunity might just be the stepping stone you need to catapult your professional journey to the next level.  

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Lazos de Dignidad Foundation Scholarships

Tailored exclusively for Colombian students who have been affected by the nation’s internal armed conflict, these scholarships are much more than just a funding opportunity; they are a beacon of hope.


  • Citizenship: Open to Colombian citizens only.
  • Academic record: Demonstrate strong academic performance.
  • Leadership potential: Show evidence of leadership qualities and commitment to community service.
  • Financial need: Demonstrate financial need.

How to apply:

In essence, the Lazos de Dignidad Foundation Scholarships offer more than a financial lifeline. They offer a platform for change, an opportunity to lead by example, and a chance to turn the tides for a better Colombia. So, if you’re a Colombian student affected by the internal conflict, eager to learn and make a difference, these scholarships may be just the launchpad you need. You’ve survived, now it’s time to thrive. Your journey towards a brighter future begins here.

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What is the Icetex Colombia scholarship 2024?

Icetex, the Colombian Institute of Credit and Educational Studies Abroad, offers several scholarship programs, including:

  • Beca Colombia Program: Fully funded or partially funded scholarships for international students to pursue Master’s, Specialization, or Doctorate degrees in Colombia.
  • Colfuturo Scholarship: Supports international students from Latin America and the Caribbean to study Master’s and Doctorate degrees in science, technology, and innovation at world-renowned universities.
  • Francisco de Paula Santander Scholarship: Supports Colombian students pursuing postgraduate studies abroad in various fields.
  • Jóvenes Talentos (Young Talents) Scholarship: Supports high-performing Colombian students from low-income families to pursue undergraduate studies at prestigious national universities.

Unfortunately, your question refers to “Icetex Colombia scholarship 2023,” which isn’t specific enough. You’d need to specify the program you’re interested in for a detailed answer.

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

Securing a 100% scholarship can be challenging, but it’s certainly possible with the right preparation and planning. Start by researching scholarships in your field of study and meeting all the eligibility criteria, including minimum GPA, standardized test scores, and any additional requirements. When it comes to your application, make sure to highlight your strengths, whether that’s your academic performance, extracurriculars, or other unique qualities you can bring to the table. 

Which country is easiest to get a fully funded scholarship?

In terms of ease of securing a fully funded scholarship, some countries tend to offer more opportunities than others. For example, countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden have numerous government-sponsored and university-specific scholarships for international students, making it relatively easier to obtain full funding. Other countries like Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands also have a variety of scholarship programs, but they may be more competitive

Which country gives the most scholarships?

It’s hard to definitively say which country offers the most scholarships, as the number can fluctuate each year depending on various factors. However, countries like the United States, Germany, China, and the Netherlands are known for hosting numerous scholarship programs for international students.

What scholarship is the easiest to get?

While some scholarships might appear less competitive than others, truly “easy” options don’t exist. Every scholarship attracts applicants, and strong applications are vital for success. Focus on finding programs that align with your strengths and expertise, research their requirements thoroughly, and prepare a compelling application to increase your chances.


In the face of challenges such as financial constraints and life-changing events, the pursuit of education and personal growth should never be hampered. We’ve explored a diverse range of fully-funded scholarships and programs, each offering unique opportunities for learning, growth, and change. From the comprehensive Colombian Government Scholarships to the culturally immersive AIESEC Global Talent Internship Program, each opportunity presented is a potential game-changer. 

Whether you’re a student with dreams of studying in the United States, an aspiring professional seeking international work experience, or a conflict survivor aiming for a brighter future, there’s a scholarship that’s perfect for you. Remember, these scholarships aren’t just about funding education, they’re about empowering individuals to make a difference, both personally and on a global scale. So, seize these opportunities. Harness their potential to fuel your dreams and ambitions. Your path to a fully-funded, transformative educational experience awaits. Get ready to step into the world of endless possibilities and turn your dreams into reality.

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