Fully Funded China Scholarships 2024/2025

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Education has always been a priority in the Chinese culture, so it comes as no surprise that China offers several fully-funded scholarships for international students. These scholarships open up opportunities to study in top Chinese universities, learn Mandarin, and engage oneself in the Chinese culture, all while getting financial support for tuition, accommodation, and living costs.

In this blog post, we’ll be introducing you to such scholarships, each unique in its benefits and requirements.

The Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS)

Have you ever dreamt of studying in China, absorbing the rich culture and deep history while furthering your academic pursuits? The Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) might just be your golden ticket. Recognized as one of the most esteemed scholarships available, this fully-funded program offers unparalleled academic and cultural opportunities.

Benefits of the CGS:

  • Full financial coverage: The CGS covers tuition fees, living stipend, accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance, and international travel costs. This allows you to focus on your studies without financial worries.
  • Wide range of programs: You can choose from undergraduate, postgraduate (master’s and doctoral), and senior scholar programs across a diverse range of academic fields at over 280 universities in China.
  • Enriching cultural experience: Studying in China exposes you to a rich and vibrant culture, giving you the opportunity to learn a new language, experience different traditions, and broaden your horizons.
  • Networking opportunities: You’ll connect with fellow international students and renowned academics, building valuable networks for your future career.

Eligibility criteria:

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  • Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with good academic records.
  • Specific eligibility requirements vary depending on the program and university you choose. Generally, you’ll need strong academic transcripts, language proficiency in Chinese or English, and a research proposal or study plan.

Application process:

  • The application process is usually conducted online through the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) website or through nominated universities.
  • Deadlines typically fall between December and April each year.
  • Be sure to check the specific application requirements and deadlines for your chosen program and university.

The Chinese Government Scholarship is not just about funding your education. It’s an open invitation to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture, master Mandarin, and make lifelong connections in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. It’s more than just a scholarship; it’s a passport to a world of opportunities. Apply today and take the first step towards an unforgettable educational journey in China.

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The Confucius Institute Scholarship

Do you possess a keen interest in the Chinese language and culture? Are you an outstanding student, an influential teacher, or an enthusiastic Chinese language learner? If so, the Confucius Institute Scholarship could be the perfect opportunity to turn your passion into a remarkable educational journey in China.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a strong interest in Chinese language and culture.
  • Specific requirements vary depending on the scholarship type and host institute. Generally, you’ll need to demonstrate academic excellence, language proficiency in Chinese (HSK or similar tests), and a compelling personal statement.

Application process:

  • Applications are typically submitted directly to the hosting Confucius Institute or university offering the scholarship.
  • Deadlines can vary but often fall between February and June each year.
  • Check the specific requirements and deadlines for your chosen scholarship program.

The Confucius Institute Scholarship isn’t just a chance to study in China; it’s an opportunity to live the Chinese culture, to understand its past, and to engage with its future. It’s a journey of cultural discovery and intellectual growth.  

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The Schwarzman Scholars Program

Have you ever envisioned yourself as a future global leader, armed with the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex challenges of the 21st century? If so, the Schwarzman Scholars Program could be your stepping stone towards this ambitious goal. Hosted at Tsinghua University, one of China’s premier educational institutions, this scholarship provides a unique one-year master’s program in the bustling metropolis of Beijing.


  • Age: Between 18 and 28 years old as of August 1 of your enrollment year.
  • Degree: Have an undergraduate degree or be on track to complete one before August 1 of your enrollment year.
  • English Proficiency: Demonstrate strong English language skills, as all teaching is conducted in English. You can meet this requirement through TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge English tests.
  • Leadership Potential: Show evidence of exceptional leadership qualities and achievements throughout your academic, professional, and extracurricular activities.
  • Global Mindset: Possess a strong interest in international affairs and a commitment to understanding and contributing to a more peaceful and prosperous world.

Application Process:

  • Application Timeline: The application period for U.S./Global residents opens in April 2024 and closes in September 2023. For applicants with Chinese passports, the application period opens in January 2024.
  • Application Platform: You’ll need to create an account and submit your application electronically through the online portal.
  • Application Materials: Required documents include:
    • Personal information and biographical profile
    • Education transcripts and diplomas
    • Standardized test scores for English proficiency (if applicable)
    • Resume or CV (maximum 2 pages)
    • Two essays:
      • Leadership Essay: 750 words about your leadership experiences and qualities.
      • Statement of Purpose: 500 words explaining your goals for the program and how it aligns with your career aspirations.
    • Three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your academic and professional abilities.
    • Optional materials: You can also submit additional documents such as awards, publications, or work samples to further showcase your qualifications.

So, if you dream of leadership and are passionate about making a global impact, seize this chance. Apply for the Schwarzman Scholars Program today and step into a world of opportunities that will shape your career, your perspective, and your life. It’s not just a scholarship – it’s your launchpad to greatness.

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Can I get a fully funded scholarship in China?

Yes, definitely!  Several fully funded scholarships exist in China for international students seeking undergraduate, postgraduate, or research opportunities. Some top options include:

  • Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS): Covers tuition, living stipend, accommodation, health insurance, and international travel costs. Offered for diverse programs across over 280 universities.
  • Schwarzman Scholars Program: Fully funded one-year Master’s program at Tsinghua University, focusing on leadership and public policy in China.
  • Confucius Institute Scholarship: Covers tuition, living stipend, and health insurance for programs and research related to Chinese language and culture.

What GPA is required for scholarship in China?

Specific GPA requirements vary depending on the chosen scholarship and university. However, most competitive programs seek strong academic records, often with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher.

How can I study in China for free?

Several avenues can lead to studying in China for free:

  • Applying for fully funded scholarships: The options mentioned above are just a few examples, so thorough research on scholarships related to your field and university of choice is crucial.
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL): While not technically free, you can earn enough to cover living expenses while studying in China by teaching English.
  • Participating in study abroad programs: Some universities offer exchange programs with Chinese universities, including financial aid options.

What is the age limit for Chinese government scholarship?

The age limit for the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) is generally 28 years old for undergraduate programs and 35 years old for postgraduate programs at the time of application. However, certain exceptions may apply for senior scholars or specific programs.

What are the requirements for a scholarship in China?

Requirements for scholarships in China vary extensively, but common eligibility criteria include:

  • Strong academic record and language proficiency (English or Chinese depending on the program).
  • Demonstrated research potential or relevant experience for postgraduate programs.
  • Letters of recommendation and a compelling personal statement showcasing your goals and motivation.
  • Meeting age and citizenship requirements.


China, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and rapidly advancing global influence, presents a remarkable platform for academic and personal growth. As we’ve seen, there are various fully-funded scholarships available, each one uniquely designed to cater to different interests and academic pursuits. Whether it’s the comprehensive Chinese Government Scholarship, the language and culture-focused Confucius Institute Scholarship, the leadership-centric Schwarzman Scholars Program, the interdisciplinary Yenching Scholarship, or the international collaboration promoting Belt and Road Scholarship, there’s a world of opportunities waiting for you in China.

So, why wait? These scholarships represent an open invitation to dive headfirst into a world of opportunity and growth. Whichever scholarship aligns with your academic goals and personal interests, there’s no time like the present to start your incredible educational journey in China. Embrace this opportunity, apply today, and prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of China.

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