Fully Funded Cuba Scholarships 2024/2025

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If you’re looking for a fully-funded scholarship in Cuba, there are a few programs worth considering. In this article, we want to guide you through some of the fully funded scholarships that are made available in Cuba, by several organizations and the Cuban government. 

With these scholarship opportunities, your educational dream can come to reality without any financial burden on you. All you have to do is ensure you prepare well for the scholarship and check the requirements well 

Read along as we present to you some of the best fully funded scholarships in Cuba. 

The University of Havana International Scholarship

Designed to attract the brightest minds from around the globe, this scholarship provides you with a fully-funded educational experience at Cuba’s prestigious University of Havana.


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  • Academic excellence: Outstanding academic record demonstrated through high GPA, strong performance in relevant coursework, and academic awards.
  • Research potential: Demonstrated commitment to research through participation in conferences, publications, or research projects.
  • Language proficiency: Strong Spanish language skills are required (specific test score requirements might vary depending on program).
  • Citizenship: Open to international students from all countries.
  • Age restrictions: Undergraduate applicants must be under 25 years old at the time of application, postgraduate applicants under 35 years old.
  • Additional requirements: Specific programs might have additional requirements like letters of recommendation, portfolio samples, or work experience.

Application Process:

  • Application deadlines: Deadlines vary depending on the semester you wish to start. Typically, applications are due in March or April for the following academic year.
  • Application platform: Submit your application online through the University of Havana International Relations Office website:
  • Required documents:
    • Official transcripts from all previously attended institutions.
    • Curriculum vitae/resume highlighting academic achievements, research experience, and relevant skills.
    • Motivation letter explaining your academic goals, research interests, and why you wish to study at the University of Havana.
    • Proof of Spanish language proficiency (official test scores like DELE or CELU).
    • Two letters of recommendation from academic professors or research supervisors.
    • Additional documents may be required depending on your chosen program (check the specific program page for details).

So, are you ready to embrace this amazing opportunity? With the University of Havana International Scholarship, you have the chance to turn your dreams into reality.  

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Medical University of the Americas Cuba Scholarship

This scholarship opens the doors to various medical fields, be it Medicine, Pharmacy, or Health Sciences. Imagine a classroom where the human anatomy chart on the wall becomes a real-life case study or where you get to work on breakthrough research in health sciences. The state-of-the-art facilities coupled with a world-class curriculum provide an incomparable learning environment.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Citizenship: Not a citizen or permanent resident of the US or Canada. Dual citizenship with a qualifying country is acceptable.
  • Academic standing: Strong academic record demonstrated through high GPA (minimum 3.0) and relevant coursework in biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • English language proficiency: Proof of English language proficiency through TOEFL or IELTS scores (specific requirements on the MUA website).
  • Motivation and commitment: Demonstrated passion for medicine and commitment to completing the MUA program through a compelling personal statement.
  • Financial need: While not a primary requirement, demonstrating financial need can strengthen your application.

Application Process:

  • Deadlines: Applications are accepted year-round, but submitting early is highly recommended.
  • Application platform: Submit your application online through the MUA website:
  • Required documents:
    • Official transcripts from all previously attended institutions.
    • Curriculum vitae/resume highlighting academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and relevant experiences.
    • Personal statement explaining your motivations for pursuing medicine, specific goals, and how the MUA International Grant aligns with your aspirations.
    • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS scores).
    • Two letters of recommendation from academic professors or mentors.
    • Financial aid documents (optional but recommended if demonstrating financial need).

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking cap, prepare a standout application and seize the chance to shape the future of healthcare with the Medical University of the Americas Cuba Scholarship. This is not just a scholarship; it’s your chance to make a lasting impact on healthcare worldwide!

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DAAD Scholarship for Cuba

This fully-funded scholarship opportunity is brought to you by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), a joint association of Germany’s higher education institutions, which aims to promote international academic cooperation and exchange.

Eligibility for DAAD Scholarships in Cuba:

  • German university affiliation: For most scholarships, you must be enrolled in a Master’s or PhD program at a German university.
  • Spanish language proficiency: Strong Spanish language skills are essential for all programs.
  • Academic excellence: Demonstrated through high grades and relevant research experience.
  • Research proposal: For research grants, a convincing research proposal relevant to development cooperation, environmental studies, or social sciences is crucial.

Application Process:

  • Consult the DAAD website: for detailed information on each scholarship program, eligibility criteria, and application materials.
  • Contact the DAAD office in your country: They can provide guidance and answer specific questions about applying for scholarships in Cuba.
  • Apply online: Most programs require online applications through the DAAD portal.
  • Meet deadlines: Each program has its own deadline,

With the DAAD Scholarship for Cuba, the possibility of studying in Germany is not just a distant dream, but a reachable reality. 

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How can I study in Cuba for free?

While completely free education for international students isn’t available in Cuba, there are ways to minimize costs and make studying there more affordable:

  • Public universities: Tuition fees for international students at public universities are significantly lower than in many other countries.
  • Scholarships: Numerous scholarships can cover some or all of your expenses, including the Cuban Government Scholarship Program, University of Havana International Scholarship, and DAAD Scholarships for Cuba.
  • Grants and loans: Explore student loans and government grants in your home country to contribute to your expenses.
  • Part-time work: Depending on your visa restrictions and language skills, consider part-time work opportunities to help with living expenses.

How to apply for Cuba scholarship?

The application process for Cuban scholarships varies depending on the program. Here’s a general guide:

  • Research available scholarships: Look at resources like the Cuban Scholarship Fund (, University of Havana website, and DAAD website for relevant options.
  • Meet eligibility criteria: Each scholarship has specific requirements like academic standing, language proficiency, and financial need. Ensure you fulfill them before applying.
  • Prepare application materials: Craft a compelling personal statement, gather official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and language test scores (if required).
  • Apply online or through relevant offices: Follow specific instructions for each scholarship program.
  • Meet deadlines: Be mindful of application deadlines, as they can vary significantly.

Are there scholarships in Cuba?

Yes, there are multiple scholarships available to study in Cuba. Here are some examples:

  • Cuban Government Scholarship Program: Covers tuition, monthly stipend, accommodation, and health insurance. Focuses on diverse fields like medicine, engineering, agriculture, and education.
  • University of Havana International Scholarship: Covers tuition, accommodation, and a monthly stipend for outstanding international students in various fields.
  • DAAD Scholarships for Cuba: Offers several options for research stays and doctoral research projects in development-related fields.

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

To get a 100% scholarship, the first step is to research and identify scholarships that offer full funding. Next, you’ll need to meet all the eligibility requirements for the scholarship, which may include academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. Once you’ve determined that you’re eligible, you’ll need to submit a strong application that showcases your achievements and potential.

Which country is easy to get a fully-funded scholarship?

According to experts, Germany is considered one of the easiest countries to get a fully-funded scholarship. Germany has several scholarship programs available for international students, including the DAAD Scholarship, which is offered by the German Academic Exchange Service. Other scholarship opportunities in Germany include the Erasmus Mundus Program and the Fulbright Scholarship Program. Additionally, some universities in Germany offer their own scholarships, such as the University of Hamburg’s Hamburg Scholarship Program. 


And there you have it, five incredible, fully-funded scholarship opportunities that could unlock the door to your dreams. Whether you are an aspiring academic, a budding healthcare professional, or a student overcoming financial barriers, there is a scholarship here with your name on it.

After all, it’s the brave who dream, the determined who apply, and the bold who win. So, are you ready to be one of the brave, determined, and bold ones? Are you ready to seize these opportunities and transform your dreams into reality? The world awaits your brilliance. Your journey starts here, with these fully-funded Cuba scholarships. Adventure, learning, and growth are just an application away. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey now!

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