Fully Funded Netherlands Scholarships 2024/2025

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The Kingdom of the Netherlands, often known as Holland, is renowned for its high-quality education system. It is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities and institutions, making it a top choice for international students seeking a world-class education. 

A major advantage of studying in the Netherlands is the extensive range of fully funded scholarships offered to international students. In this blog post, we will explore three such scholarships: VU Amsterdam Scholarship, the TU Delft University Scholarship, and the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship.

VU Amsterdam Scholarship

The VU Amsterdam Scholarship is a top-tier, fully-funded program offered by VU Amsterdam, a comprehensive research university recognized globally. Known for its diversity, the institution welcomes scholars from over 120 nations worldwide, creating a rich, cosmopolitan academic setting. 

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for each scholarship vary, but you will generally need to:

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  • Be a non-EU/EEA citizen.
  • Have been admitted to a Master’s programme at VU Amsterdam.
  • Meet the academic requirements for the scholarship.
  • Demonstrate financial need (for some scholarships).

Application Process:

The application process for each scholarship also varies, but you will generally need to submit an online application form, a transcript of records, a letter of motivation, and other supporting documents.

The selection process evaluates applicants based on their previous academic performance, the relevance of their Bachelor’s degree to the Master’s program they wish to pursue, their career ambitions within their chosen field, and their overall motivation. The VU Amsterdam Scholarship is an invaluable opportunity for deserving students to thrive and excel in a globally recognized institution.

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TU Delft University Scholarship

Recognized globally for its focus on technical innovation and research, TU Delft University extends a fully-funded scholarship program, known as the TU Delft University Scholarship. This initiative is exclusively available to international students pursuing a Master’s degree. Regarded among the leading technical universities worldwide, TU Delft is committed to promoting research, technology, and innovation.

Eligibility and Application:

Each scholarship has specific eligibility criteria and application deadlines. Carefully review the details on the TU Delft scholarships website 

Tips for Applying:

  • Start early: Research and identify relevant scholarships well in advance.
  • Meet all eligibility criteria: Carefully review requirements and ensure you fulfill them.
  • Strong application materials: Craft a compelling motivation letter highlighting your academic achievements, goals, and alignment with the scholarship.
  • Meet deadlines strictly: Submit applications well before deadlines to avoid disqualification.
  • Tailor your application: Showcase how you uniquely contribute to the program and scholarship objectives.

In essence, the TU Delft University Scholarship provides a comprehensive financial package to international students, enabling them to focus on their studies and contribute to the fields of science and technology. This scholarship serves as a launchpad for aspirants wishing to make their mark in STEM fields in a globally acclaimed institution.

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Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LexS)

The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LexS) is a prestigious program offered by the oldest university in the Netherlands – Leiden University. Celebrated for its broad spectrum of programs and its commitment to both quality and innovation, the university extends this scholarship to extraordinary students across the globe pursuing a Master’s degree.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a citizen of a non-EEA/non-EFTA country.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university outside of the Netherlands.
  • Have achieved excellent academic results in your previous education, this being relevant to the Master’s programme for which you are applying. As an indication, the student is amongst the top 10% of graduates in his/her previous study programme. Note: proof of ranking is not required – this information is purely to indicate the level of competitiveness.
  • Meet the specific admission requirements of the Master’s programme you are applying for.
  • Not be eligible for a Dutch student grant or loan.

Application Process:

  1. Apply online for admission to a Master’s programme at Leiden University and pay the application fee if applicable.
  2. After submitting your application for admission, return to the Apply screen in your online application and click on Scholarships.
  3. Indicate that want to apply for the LexS then upload your LexS motivation letter.
  4. Submit your scholarship application before the LexS deadline.

In essence, the LexS is a beacon of opportunity for those with exceptional talent and potential. It enables them to experience a superior quality of education at a leading university, setting the stage for them to excel in their chosen fields.

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Can I Get a Full Scholarship in the Netherlands?

Yes, it’s possible to get a full scholarship in the Netherlands for international students. Several scholarship programs offer complete tuition coverage and living expenses. However, competition is fierce, and securing a full scholarship requires academic excellence, a strong profile, and strategic application.

Is the Netherlands Government Scholarship 2024 Fully Funded?

Yes, the Netherlands Government Scholarship (Orange Knowledge Programme) is a fully funded scholarship for international students pursuing Master’s degrees or short courses in specific fields relevant to their home countries’ development.

Which Scholarships are Fully Funded in the Netherlands 2024 without IELTS?

Several scholarships offer full funding without requiring IELTS scores, but specific requirements vary. Here are some options:

  • University-specific scholarships: Many universities offer merit-based scholarships that waive tuition fees without requiring IELTS. Research individual universities and their programs.
  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarships: Some programs, like the Orange Knowledge Programme or the NFP fellowship, don’t require IELTS for specific nationalities.
  • Funding by home country governments or organizations: Explore scholarship opportunities offered by your home country’s government or educational institutions for studies in the Netherlands.

Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships in the Netherlands 2024:

Finding fully funded undergraduate scholarships in the Netherlands is rare, but not impossible. Explore options like:

  • University-specific scholarships: Some universities offer limited full-ride scholarships for exceptional undergraduate students. Research individual programs thoroughly.
  • National scholarships from your home country: Check if your home country offers scholarships specifically for undergraduate studies in the Netherlands.

Is There a Scholarship for the Netherlands without IELTS 2024?

Yes, several scholarships waive IELTS requirements, but it’s crucial to research individual programs and their specific criteria. Remember, even without IELTS, strong academic records, relevant experience,


These fully-funded scholarships offered by prestigious Dutch universities significantly contribute to making quality education more accessible to students across the globe. The VU Amsterdam Scholarship, TU Delft University Scholarship, and the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship each offer unique opportunities, allowing students to gain a comprehensive academic experience in their chosen fields, without the financial strain.

With their rich academic programs and supportive environment, Dutch universities offer more than just a stepping stone – they offer a launchpad to success.

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