Fully Funded Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Scholarships 2024/2025

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Dreaming of pursuing your studies in Grenadines? Consider applying for a fully funded scholarship to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines! These scholarships offer a chance to study at top-class institutions in a truly unique and exotic location, all while having your tuition and living expenses covered. Not to mention, they provide the perfect stepping stone for a bright future in academia or industry.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the scholarships available in Grenadines. 

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Chevening Scholarship)

The Chevening Scholarship, sponsored by the UK government, is a distinguished international program designed for aspiring leaders around the globe. It offers a fully-funded educational opportunity for scholars from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines who are eager to make substantial contributions to their homeland.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for a Chevening Scholarship, you must:

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  • Be a citizen of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Have a bachelor’s degree with a good academic record
  • Have at least two years of work experience
  • Meet the English language proficiency requirement
  • Return to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for at least two years after your studies

How to apply

Applications for the Chevening Scholarship can be submitted online through the Chevening website. The deadline for applications is usually in November.

The Chevening Scholarship, thus, is an excellent avenue for students from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to pursue their studies in an enriching environment, acquire invaluable global perspectives, and return to their home country ready to make a substantial difference.

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Royal Society International Exchange Programme

This initiative, underwritten by the Royal Society, is designed for scholars from nations such as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines that fall into the low- and middle-income brackets. It’s an ideal fit for scientists and researchers eager to extend their network and cultivate international partnerships, contributing to the global arena of science.


  • Up to £3,000 for one-off visits.
  • Up to £6,000 for multiple visits within 1 year.
  • Up to £12,000 for multiple visits within 2 years.


  • Open to UK-based scientists at postdoctoral level or above.
  • Research must fall within the remit of the natural sciences.
  • Applicants must be affiliated with a UK research institution.

Application deadlines:

  • Two rounds per year: January and July.

Therefore, if you’re a passionate researcher or scientist from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, this programme could be your ticket to expanding your horizons and making substantial contributions to the global scientific community. Not only will it allow you to participate in valuable collaborations, but it will also enable you to bring back vital knowledge and experience to your home country.

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Caribbean Development Bank Scholarship Programme

The Caribbean Development Bank Scholarship Programme, generously sponsored by the Caribbean Development Bank, is designed to bolster human resources development within its member nations, including Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. As a fully funded initiative, it covers an array of expenses, encompassing tuition, books, essential supplies, transportation, and living costs for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in eligible disciplines.


  • Be a citizen of a CDB BMC.
  • Meet the specific eligibility criteria of the chosen scholarship program.
  • Demonstrate academic merit and potential for future contribution to regional development.

How to Apply:

  • Applications are typically submitted online through the CDB website.
  • Specific application deadlines and required documents vary depending on the program.
  • Visit the CDB Scholarship Programme website for detailed information and application procedures

Overall, the Caribbean Development Bank Scholarship Programme represents a unique opportunity for ambitious students to receive a top-tier education while also contributing to their nation’s progress. It is more than just a scholarship – it’s an investment in the future of the region.

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Is it possible to get a fully funded scholarship?

Absolutely! Many students secure fully funded scholarships each year. Remember, it requires dedication, strategic planning, and highlighting your qualifications effectively. Explore various options like:

  • Government scholarships: Programs like Fulbright (USA), Chevening (UK), or DAAD (Germany) offer full funding.
  • University scholarships: Many universities provide merit-based or needs-based full scholarships.
  • Organization-specific scholarships: Foundations like Mastercard Foundation or Rhodes Trust support international students.

What is a fully funded master scholarship for international students 2024?

Numerous fully funded Master’s scholarships exist for international students in 2024. Research based on your field and goals. Here are some resources:

  • Scholarship databases: Explore platforms like or The Scholarship Database.
  • University websites: Check websites of universities you’re interested in for their scholarship offerings.
  • Funding organizations: Research websites of relevant foundations, government agencies, or NGOs.

Remember, specific deadlines and details vary, so research thoroughly.

What is the Seton scholarship College of Mount Saint Vincent?

The Seton Scholarship at the College of Mount Saint Vincent is a merit-based scholarship awarded to incoming first-year students demonstrating exceptional academic achievement and leadership potential.

How to apply for scholarship in Stanford University?

Stanford University doesn’t offer merit-based scholarships for international students at the undergraduate level. However, you can explore:

  • Need-based financial aid: Apply for need-based aid through Stanford’s financial aid office.
  • External scholarships: Research scholarships from your home country, organizations, or foundations.
  • Graduate-level funding: Stanford offers fellowships and assistantships for graduate students.

What GPA do you need to get a scholarship to Stanford?

There’s no specific GPA requirement for scholarships at Stanford, as they consider various factors. However, having a strong academic record significantly increases your chances. Stanford’s average GPA for admitted students is quite high, so aim for academic excellence.


In conclusion, the fully funded scholarships available for students from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines offer far more than just financial support for education. These programs aim to empower the scholars by providing them with a high-quality education, fostering their individual growth, and preparing them to contribute substantially to their home country. 

Therefore, these scholarships are not just investments in individual futures, but they are significant contributions towards the development and progress of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and beyond. By removing financial barriers and emphasizing knowledge and skills, these scholarships light the path for scholars to excel in their chosen fields and use their acquired expertise to make meaningful changes in their communities.

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