Fully Funded Switzerland Scholarships 2024/2025

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Are you dreaming of studying in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe but worried about the financial burden? Look no further! Switzerland offers a wide range of fully funded scholarships for international students to pursue their academic dreams.

Switzerland is known for its world-class education system, multicultural environment, and breathtaking landscapes. In this article, we will explore the different fully funded scholarship opportunities available in Switzerland and guide you through the application process. 

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students and Artists

The Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS), under the auspices of the Swiss Government, is offering the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships to a diverse group of international students and artists. With this program, students from over 180 countries are given the chance to carry out doctoral or postdoctoral research in a broad range of academic fields. The opportunity extends to those wishing to study at any of the public-funded universities or recognized institutions in Switzerland.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • International student status: You must be a citizen of a country outside Switzerland and not hold permanent residency there.
  • Academic merit: Possess a strong academic record, typically reflected in a grade point average of at least 4.0 on a 5.0 scale or equivalent.
  • Program alignment: Be admitted to a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, or research program at a recognized Swiss university or university of applied sciences.
  • Language proficiency: Meet the specific English or French language requirements of the chosen program.
  • Age limit: Varies depending on the level of study (Bachelor’s: 30 years old, Master’s: 35 years old, PhD: 40 years old).

Application Process:

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  • Stay informed: Track application deadlines, typically falling in February or March each year.
  • Prepare meticulously: Gather required documents, including transcripts, recommendation letters, a research proposal (for PhD applicants), and a language certificate.
  • Craft a compelling application: Showcase your academic achievements, motivations, research interests, and contributions to the chosen field through a well-written personal statement.
  • Submit online: Submit your application electronically through the official SGES website:

In summary, the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships present a comprehensive package for foreign students and artists, not only offering financial aid but also providing an inclusive environment that enables them to thrive. Through this program, the Swiss Government demonstrates its commitment to fostering international academic and artistic talent.

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ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships Masters

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, one of the world’s top-ranked universities, offers the prestigious ETH Excellence Scholarships at the Master’s level to high-performing international students. The scholarship program, which is designed to attract the best and brightest, focuses on students who have displayed an extraordinary academic record in their undergraduate studies.


  • Be an international student (non-Swiss citizen)
  • Have a very good academic record (typically in the top 10% of your Bachelor’s program)
  • Be applying to a Master’s program at ETH Zurich

Selection Criteria:

  • Academic excellence
  • Motivation and potential for future academic success
  • Leadership qualities
  • Contribution to the diversity of the student body

Application Process:

The application process for the ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships Masters program is competitive. Applications are typically due in November or December for the following academic year.

To apply, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • A completed online application form
  • A letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Academic transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation

To summarize, the ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships are a significant financial aid resource that can provide you with the necessary support to excel in your Master’s degree in one of the world’s most reputable institutes. It paves the way for promising students to enjoy and contribute to the world-class education and cutting-edge research at ETH Zurich. This scholarship program is another testament to Switzerland’s commitment to fostering global academic talent.

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University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships

The University of Geneva, a public research university, is another distinguished institution in Switzerland that offers fully funded scholarships to exceptional international students. The university boasts a rich history and reputation in the fields of sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Their Excellence Master Fellowships are aimed at fostering the brightest minds in these areas of study.


  • Be an international student (non-Swiss citizen)
  • Have a very good academic record (typically in the top 10% of your Bachelor’s program)
  • Be applying to a Master’s program at the Faculty of Science at the University of Geneva


  • The scholarship consists of a grant amounting to CHF 10,000 to CHF 15,000 per year (no teaching duties).
  • It is awarded for one year and extended for the regular duration of the chosen Master’s program (three or four semesters) provided the applicant is academically successful at the end of his/her first semester of studies.

Overall, the University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships is a robust program designed to support the next generation of leaders in sciences, humanities, and social sciences. These fellowships exemplify the university’s dedication to international students, making Switzerland an attractive destination for advanced studies. So, if you are an ambitious student with a drive for excellence, seize this opportunity and take a step towards an enriching academic journey in Switzerland.

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Does Switzerland give fully funded scholarships?

Yes, Switzerland offers several fully funded scholarships to international students. Some prominent examples include:

  • Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships: This program covers tuition fees, living expenses, travel, and health insurance for Master’s and PhD students.
  • University-specific scholarships: Many universities in Switzerland offer their own merit-based scholarships that can cover full tuition or a significant portion of it.
  • External scholarships: Organizations and foundations outside of Switzerland also offer scholarships specifically for studying in the country.

What are the requirements for scholarships in Switzerland?

Requirements vary depending on the specific scholarship program. However, some general requirements include:

  • Academic excellence: Most scholarships require a strong academic record, typically in the top 10% of your class.
  • Nationality: Some scholarships are only open to students from specific countries.
  • Field of study: Some scholarships are restricted to specific fields of study.
  • Language proficiency: English or French language proficiency might be required depending on the program and university.
  • Motivation and potential: Demonstrating strong motivation and future potential is often crucial.

What is a fully funded scholarship in Switzerland 2024?

A fully funded scholarship in Switzerland for 2024 typically covers the following:

  • Tuition fees: This is the main cost of studying in Switzerland, and scholarships that cover 100% tuition are considered fully funded.
  • Living expenses: This includes expenses like accommodation, food, transportation, and health insurance. Some scholarships offer a monthly stipend to cover these costs.
  • Travel expenses: Some scholarships also cover travel costs to and from Switzerland.

Can I go Switzerland without IELTS?

Some universities in Switzerland may accept alternative English language proficiency tests like Duolingo English Test or PTE Academic instead of IELTS. Additionally, certain scholarships and programs might waive the language requirement altogether. Always check the specific program requirements for details.

How much bank balance is required for Switzerland student visa?

The required bank balance for a Switzerland student visa varies depending on your nationality and the length of your stay. However, it typically ranges from CHF 2,200 to CHF 4,000 per month of your stay. You can find the specific requirements on the website of the Swiss embassy or consulate in your country.


Switzerland shines as an exceptional global hub for education, attracting students worldwide with its multicultural milieu and dedication to innovation. A multitude of fully-funded scholarships underscore the country’s commitment to fostering international academic talent. These scholarships cater to different academic levels and fields of study, making Switzerland a versatile destination for students with varied interests and career aspirations. Remember, each scholarship program comes with its distinct set of eligibility conditions and selection procedures. Hence, thorough research, adequate preparation, and timely application are key to securing these financial aids. We hope this blog post serves as a valuable guide in your quest for scholarships. Best of luck in your pursuit of academic excellence, and may your journey lead you to the enriching corridors of education in Switzerland

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