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Shell petroleum development company of Nigeria is an oil exploration company that has being known for giving out scholarships to students over the years.

They have various scholarship schemes but we shall be focusing on just the Nigeria Delta postgraduate scholarship for now.

Being that the Niger Delta is the home of oil exploration in Nigeria, legislature has it that the indigenous students should benefit that what is being gotten from their environment, thus the formation of NDDC.

Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme 2025

So, the students from the following states are the only ones eligible for the shell Nigeria Delta postgraduate scholarship:

  • Rivers State
  • Delta State
  • Imo state
  • Bayelsa state

Students interested in postgraduate studies from these states would be offered an apple opportunity to study in Imperial College London, University of Aberdeen, and University of Leeds.

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Shell Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship

It is applaudable to know that within the nine years of this scholarship program being in existence, over 90 students have gotten the opportunity to study at top-rated universities in the UK on full scholarship

For the academic year commencing September 2021, SPDC in partnership with three universities in the UK–Imperial College London; University of Leeds; and University of Aberdeen will award scholarships for one-year post-graduate M.Sc. studies.

Shell Postgraduate Scholarship Benefits

The shell postgraduate scholarship will cover the following

  • Tuition fee
  • One economy return flight ticket from Nigeria to the United Kingdom
  • A contribution towards living expenses only.

Please note: The living expense are calculated based on reports from the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) published living rates and are limited to this only.

Also, the shell post graduate scholarship is classified as a non committal scholarship, this implies that the partners of the scholarship including shell is not committed in any way to offer you employment of any kind after graduation.

The terms and condition also states that as a successful candidate of the scholarship, you are not bonded with the company in any way even during the duration of the scholarship.

Also, SPDC (Shell petroleum development company) will only be obligated to provide medical insurance in line with UK Student Visa requirements.

Shell Postgraduate Scholarship approved Courses.

Post Graduate students in the following courses qualify for award of scholarships at the three institutions

Imperial College London

  • MSc Petroleum Engineering
  • MSc Applied Computational Science and Engineering

University of Aberdeen

  • MSc Geophysics
  • MSc Safety & Reliability Engineering for Oil & Gas
  • MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering

University of Leeds

  • MSc Exploration Geophysics
  • MSc Electronic / Electrical Engineering

Qualifications criteria for the shell postgraduate scholarship

To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must:

  • Potential candidates must have at least 6.5 in the IELTS program
  • Students must have being offered admission to study in one of the enlisted universities before applying for the scholarship
  • He or she must have completed the National Youth Service Corp
  • He or she must be an indigene of the supported parts of Nigeria
  • He or she must clearly intend to return to Nigeria after the time of study

How to Apply for Shell Postgraduate Scholarship.

Application forms for the shell postgraduate scholarship will ONLY be made available through the official websites of the Imperial College London, the University of Leeds and University of Aberdeen, following a formal offer of admission by the university.

FAQs on Applying for Shell Postgraduate Scholarship

What are the eligibility criteria for the Shell Postgraduate Scholarship?

To be eligible for the Shell Postgraduate Scholarship, applicants must possess a minimum of a second class upper division in their undergraduate degree and must have gained admission to pursue a full-time postgraduate program in an accredited university. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate leadership potential and a commitment to making a positive impact in their community.

What documents are required for the application process?

Applicants are typically required to submit a variety of documents, including their academic transcripts, curriculum vitae (CV), a personal statement outlining their career aspirations and reasons for applying, letters of recommendation, and proof of admission to their chosen postgraduate program. It’s essential to carefully review the specific requirements outlined in the scholarship application guidelines.

Is there an age limit for applicants?

While there may not be a strict age limit, Shell Postgraduate Scholarships are generally targeted towards recent graduates and young professionals who are looking to pursue further education. However, individuals of all ages who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply.

What is the selection process for the Shell Postgraduate Scholarship?

The selection process typically involves multiple stages, including an initial review of applications to assess eligibility and academic merit, followed by interviews for shortlisted candidates. Selection criteria may include academic excellence, leadership potential, extracurricular activities, and alignment with Shell’s values and objectives.

What are the obligations of Shell Postgraduate Scholars upon completion of their studies?

Shell Postgraduate Scholars are often expected to fulfill certain obligations, such as maintaining a good academic standing throughout their studies, participating in leadership development programs or networking events organized by Shell, and potentially completing a period of internship or employment with Shell upon graduation. These obligations are usually outlined in the scholarship terms and conditions.

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