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Fully Funded Canadian Government Scholarships for International Students 2024/2025

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Canada Government Scholarships for International Students to Study in Canada

Are you searching for Fully Funded Canadian Government Scholarships for International Students to study in Canada?

Here’s some good news! The government of Canada and Canadian Universities offer fully-funded scholarship programs for international students!

Do you want to study in Canada? We’re here to help. The Government of Canada offers over 600 scholarships worth more than $100 million annually to undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students every year, including tens of thousands of scholarships for Master’s and PhD students.

Canada has government scholarships for international students that can cover your tuition in full, pay for your living expenses, or both. The Canadian Government Scholarships page will help you decide which one is right for you.

How To Get a Fully Funded Scholarship In Canada as an International Student

If you are a student or planning to become one, and if you are interested in Canada, then this scholarship is for you. Scholarships for international students who wish to study in Canada under the Canadian Government’s scholarship program can be applied directly from your home country, saving time and effort trying to find a financial aid provider in Canada.

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Requirements for Canadian Government Scholarships Application

  1. Student visa (for only international students)
  2. A completed scholarship application form
  3. International or National Passport or any other original means of identification
  4. Statement of purpose
  5. Curriculum vitae or Resume
  6. Standardized test scores (IELTS/TOEFL)
  7. A letter of recommendation
  8. Copies of transcripts or Diplomas

These are a few of the general documents required for a Canadian scholarships application. More details can be found on the respective schools’ websites.

How To Apply For The Canadian Government Scholarship

To apply for a Canada Government scholarship, you need to follow these steps;

  1. Gather real information regarding the scholarship programs.
  2. Get the required documents ready.
  3. Choose your course and institution
  4. Take the language proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL)
  5. Check the Canadian scholarship deadline.
  6. Start your scholarship application

List Of Fully Funded Canadian Government Scholarships

Below is the list of Canadian Government scholarships available for international students;

  • MasterCard Foundation Scholarship – University of British Colombia
  • Lester B. Pearson Scholarships
  • University of Manitoba Scholarships
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • York University Scholarships
  • Humber College Scholarships
  • University of Calgary Scholarships
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships
  • Algonquin College Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Quest University Scholarships For Undergraduate
  • University of Winnipeg President’s scholarship
  • CPIJ Scholarship For Developing Countries
  • University of Toronto Art and Science Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme



The MasterCard Foundation works with the University of British Columbia to provide fully-funded scholarships to Canadian citizens and foreigners. The interested student can choose any subject or degree to study at the University of Colombia.

Apply here


The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship is the most interesting after the fully funded Canadian Government Scholarships, which has around 40 scholarships for students who want to study at the University of Toronto, and yes, you can take any course you want.

Although the Lester B Scholarship is primarily intended for international students, Canadian students can obtain free loans and scholarships through the Canadian government at the university.

Apply here


This scholarship is fully funded and only awarded to students who wish to specialize in a Masters or PhD. Program at the University of Manitoba and you can choose any field.

Scholarships are valued at $ 14,000 per year for 12 or 24 months up to a total of $ 28,000 and are awarded only to approved Master’s or Ph.D. students. Students.

Apply here


Also known as Vanier CGS, this is a fully-funded Canadian government scholarship awarded to both Canadian citizens and international students, but only for Masters and PhDs. Programs.

For doctoral studies, the scholarship is valued at $ 50,000 per year for a maximum of 3 years of study.

This scholarship is in honor of Canada’s first French-speaking Governor-General and is open to applications from Canadian and international students.

Apply here


The Global Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships in Collaboration with York University is a fully-funded scholarship program for international students pursuing a bachelor’s degree from York University and allowing students to choose their field of study.

There are a number of scholarships available for Canadian and international students looking to study at York University. These scholarship options are so extensive that almost all students applying to college have a category to apply for.

Apply here


This scholarship is fully funded to enable international students to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Canada in the field of their choice.

Apply here


International students can take advantage of this University of Calgary scholarship offer, it is fully funded and students can choose from a wide range of courses offered by the university.

Apply here


This scholarship is fully funded and even linked to a scholarship, but it is only awarded to 15 Ph.D. students. Canadian and international students.

Apply here


This is a fully-funded Canadian scholarship program open to students of all nationalities to study for their preferred degree at Algonquin College and earn a bachelor’s degree.

Apply here


This scholarship is specifically awarded to students who are known for their positive contribution to their local community or school. As a reward for their achievements, they receive this scholarship for a bachelor’s degree in any course of their choice.

Apply here


This scholarship is fully funded and open to students of all nationalities to apply. It is open to all degrees. Graduate, Undergraduate, College, Professional, Applied, and Postgraduate Studies.

Apply here


The Canadian Partner for International Justice (CPIJ) awards three fully funded scholarships for students mainly from developing countries to attend the Summer School on International Justice and Victims’ Rights at the University of Montreal.

Apply here


What are fully funded Canadian Government scholarships for international students?

Fully funded Canadian Government scholarships for international students are prestigious financial aid programs offered by the Canadian government to support outstanding students from around the world in pursuing their studies at Canadian universities and colleges.

What types of fully funded scholarships does the Canadian Government offer to international students?

The Canadian Government offers various fully funded scholarship programs for international students, including the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, the Trudeau Foundation Scholarships, and scholarships administered through Global Affairs Canada, such as the Canada-CARICOM Leadership Scholarships Program.

Who is eligible to apply for fully funded Canadian Government scholarships for the 2024/2025 academic year?

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the specific scholarship program, but generally, applicants must be international students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a commitment to contributing positively to their communities. Specific eligibility requirements may include academic qualifications, language proficiency, and research experience.

How can international students apply for fully funded Canadian Government scholarships for the 2024/2025 academic year?

International students interested in applying for fully funded Canadian Government scholarships should visit the official websites of the respective scholarship programs to access application forms and guidelines. They should carefully review the eligibility criteria and application requirements before preparing and submitting their applications online within the specified deadlines.

What are the benefits of fully funded Canadian Government scholarships for international students?

Fully funded Canadian Government scholarships provide a range of benefits, including coverage of tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, and travel costs. Additionally, recipients of these scholarships have the opportunity to study at prestigious Canadian institutions, gain valuable research experience, and build international networks and collaborations.


International students looking to study in Canada for free or in search of free universities in Canada or fully funded scholarships in Canada will find this article very useful.

Canada despite being one of the most desired study abroad destinations in the world, her government always rolls out Fully Funded scholarships annually to enable students from across the whole and especially from developing countries of the world, to participate in the application and gain access to quality education at no cost.

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