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Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship in UK

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Mechanical Engineering Scholarships: Fully Funded Ph.D. Scholarship at Swansea in Fusion Research

This scholarship is funded by way of the EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership and UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA).

Mechanical Engineering: Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship: Novel machine gaining knowledge of based totally twin purposes in fusion research

Start date: October 2025

Subject areas: Machine learning, computational mechanics, data, digital twin

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Project supervisors: Professor Perumal Nithiarasu (Swansea), Dr. Llion Evans (Swansea/UKAEA), Dr. Michelle Tindall (UKAEA).

project description:

The inside of a fusion reactor is one of the most difficult environments regarded about, with temperatures ranging from the freshest in the photovoltaic system (100,000,000 °C at the center of the plasma) to the coolest (-269 °C in the cryopump) all inside a few meters, coupled with electro-magnetic masses and irradiation damage. This has already been completed for quick periods at JET, the world’s greatest fusion gadget positioned at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (UKAEA), UK.

But one of the greatest engineering challenges of the 21st century will be to assemble a machine that can function under these extremes robotically and produce commercially possible energy.

The profitable candidate will have a top undergraduate degree in an applicable subject, e.g. physics, engineering, or laptop science. A postgraduate degree with applicable experience in the matters of this Ph.D. is a delivered advantage. The previous specialization in laptop getting to know and/or computational mechanics will enable the pupil to swiftly start the work.

The first year of the Ph.D. will be spent on trying out novel computer mastering strategies for their suitability. The 2d 12 months will allow the pupil to cross into a digital twin plan and sooner or later lead to the integration of the model into the workflow at UKAEA in the 1/3 year.

Eligibility for Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship in UK

Candidates should hold a minimum of a higher 2d class (2:1) honors degree and/or a master’s degree (or its equivalent) in engineering, laptop science, mathematics, physics, or a subject region related to the project.

A strong background in numerical strategies or laptop gaining knowledge is required.

Benefits of Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship in UK

This scholarship covers the full fee of lessons costs and an annual stipend of £15,609 for 3 years.

There will be additional cash handy for lookup expenses

How to Apply for Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship in UK

To apply for this scholarship, kindly click on this link, to start your application.

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FAQs: Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship in the UK

What is the Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship in the UK?

The Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship is a prestigious doctoral scholarship program offered in the United Kingdom. It provides full financial support for Ph.D. research in collaboration with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA).

Who is eligible to apply for the Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship?

Eligibility for this scholarship is typically open to candidates with strong academic backgrounds in relevant disciplines, such as engineering, physics, materials science, or related fields. Applicants should demonstrate a keen interest in nuclear fusion research and innovation.

What does the Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship cover?

The scholarship typically covers tuition fees at the home/EU rate and provides a stipend to support living expenses for the duration of the Ph.D. program. Additionally, funding may be available for research-related expenses, conference attendance, and other academic activities.

How can I apply for the Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, interested candidates typically need to submit an application through the designated online portal or application process specified by the participating university or institution. Application requirements may include academic transcripts, a research proposal, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement outlining the candidate’s qualifications and research interests.

What are the research areas covered by the Fully Funded EPSRC and UKAEA Ph.D. Scholarship?

The scholarship program supports research projects related to nuclear fusion, plasma physics, materials science, and engineering for fusion energy applications. Research topics may include fusion reactor design, plasma confinement, materials development, energy conversion, and reactor safety. Prospective applicants are encouraged to explore the research interests of the EPSRC and UKAEA to align their proposals with current priorities and expertise.

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