Fully Funded Guinea Scholarships 2024/2025

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The Republic of Guinea, a country in West Africa, offers some fully funded scholarships to international students. These scholarships are designed to attract talented students from around the world to study at Guinea’s universities and help the country develop its educational sector. 

The government of Guinea has established several scholarship programs, including the Guinea Excellence Scholarship and the National Guinean Scholarship Program. In addition, some private organizations, such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), offer scholarships for students from Guinea. These scholarships cover the full cost of tuition, fees, and living expenses.

In this article, we will go deep into some of the best fully funded scholarships you can find in Guinea. 

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

If you’re a young leader from Guinea with academic prowess and a heart for community service, then the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program might just be your ticket to a brighter future. Tailored to nurture the potential of young Africans from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, this scholarship program is more than just a fully funded ticket to quality education. It’s an all-inclusive support system that covers not just the nitty-gritty of tuition fees, books, and living expenses, but also takes care of your commute.


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  • Varies depending on the specific program and partner institution.
  • Generally includes requirements like:
    • Citizenship of a Sub-Saharan African country.
    • Strong academic potential and demonstrated leadership skills.
    • Financial need.
    • Commitment to returning to your home country and contributing to its development.

Application Process:

  • Also varies depending on the program and partner institution.
  • Typically involves online applications, essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews.
  • Check the program website or contact the relevant partner institution for specific details.

So if you’re a high achiever from Guinea with big dreams and bigger determination, this scholarship could be your stepping stone to a promising future.  

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The University of Aveiro Portugal International Scholarships

With the University of Aveiro Portugal International Scholarships, dream can come true for ambitious students from Guinea. Whether your academic goals involve an undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degree, this scholarship has got you covered in a diverse range of fields.


  • General requirements: Citizenship or permanent residency outside Portugal, enrollment in a UA degree program.
  • Specific requirements: Vary depending on the scholarship type, typically including academic merit, financial need, admission score, and commitment to returning to your home country (for some scholarships).

Application Process:

  • Incentive Scholarship: Automatic consideration when applying through the Special Tender for Access and Admission.
  • Academic Merit Scholarship: Requires selecting UA as your first choice during application and demonstrating strong academic performance.
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarships: Varies depending on the specific program. Check the program website for details.

The University of Aveiro Portugal International Scholarships are more than just a ticket to quality education. They are a passport to a transformative international experience. So, if you’re a student from Guinea with the drive to learn and the spirit to thrive in a global setting, this scholarship could be the golden key to unlocking your potential and your future. Don’t miss this chance! The world awaits you!

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The Beit Trust Scholarships for African Students

Are you a promising student from Guinea with an aspiration to impact your community positively through your education? If yes, then The Beit Trust Scholarships for African Students is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. This scholarship is more than just an award; it’s a springboard to greater heights, providing African students, including those from Guinea, with an opportunity to study at universities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, or South Africa.


  • Only open to citizens of and permanent residents in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.
  • Generally for applicants under 35 years old (30 for medical and veterinary doctors).
  • Strong academic record in a relevant field.
  • Demonstrated financial need.
  • Commitment to returning to your home country and contributing to its development after completing your studies.

Fields of Study:

  • Diverse, with focus on areas like:
    • Engineering
    • Agriculture
    • Education
    • Public health
    • Law
    • Business administration
    • Science and technology
    • Arts and humanities

Application Process:

  • Opens in September for studies starting the following September in the UK and January in South Africa.
  • Requires online applications, essays, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and research proposals (for PhDs).
  • Highly competitive, so strong applications are crucial.

So, if you’re a student from Guinea with a strong academic record, a vision for your community, and the resolve to bring that vision to life, The Beit Trust Scholarships for African Students could be the game-changer you’ve been seeking. Grab this chance and you could be the next leader in making! Don’t just dream about the future – step up and make it happen!

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Which country is easiest to get a fully funded scholarship?”

Many international students consider Norway the easiest country to get a fully funded scholarship. The Norwegian government offers a variety of scholarship programs that cover the full cost of tuition and living expenses. Norway also has a very high quality of life, making it an attractive destination for students from all over the world. Additionally, the Norwegian language is relatively easy to learn, and most Norwegians speak English as well. 

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

If you’re interested in getting a 100% scholarship, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. First, make sure you have excellent grades and a strong academic record. Next, you’ll need to find scholarships that are a good fit for you. The best way to do this is to search online and read the eligibility requirements for each scholarship carefully. 

Is it possible to get a fully funded scholarship?

Yes, it is possible to get a fully funded scholarship! Many scholarships are available to students who demonstrate exceptional academic and extracurricular achievement, or who come from underrepresented backgrounds. Additionally, some many grants and fellowships provide funding for specific fields of study, or for students who plan to work in specific career fields. The key to getting a fully funded scholarship is to do your research and apply for as many scholarships as possible. Be sure to keep an eye out for application deadlines and make sure you submit all required materials on time. 

What is the difference between fully funded and funded scholarships?

  • Fully funded: Covers tuition fees, living expenses, and sometimes travel and research costs.
  • Funded: May only cover part of your expenses, requiring you to secure additional funding.

Always clarify the extent of coverage in scholarship descriptions to avoid misinterpretations.

Why should we consider you for a fully funded scholarship?

Craft a response highlighting your unique strengths and contributions:

  • Academic achievements: Quantify your successes (e.g., awards, high GPA).
  • Research experience: Showcase any relevant research you’ve conducted.
  • Career goals: Articulate how this scholarship aligns with your aspirations.
  • Uniqueness: Share any exceptional skills, experiences, or perspectives.
  • Impact: Explain how you’ll contribute to your field and broader community.

Remember, scholarship committees seek exceptional individuals who will make a valuable difference. Tell your story and demonstrate why you deserve their investment!


Each scholarship program we’ve discussed – from the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program to the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Scholarship Program – isn’t just a financial support system. They’re a comprehensive package that aims to help you grow academically, professionally, and personally. They not only cover your tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs but also provide invaluable mentorship, internships, and training in soft skills. They instill in you the confidence and capabilities to make meaningful contributions to society.

Remember, these scholarships aren’t just about securing quality education, they’re about investing in future leaders – individuals like you, who have the potential to drive positive change in their communities and countries. They believe in your ability to rise above challenges and make a significant difference in Guinea.

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