Fully Funded Morocco Scholarships 2024/2025

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Dreams of studying abroad can often be hindered by financial constraints. However, many international scholarships are designed specifically to support talented students from around the world, allowing them to pursue their academic dreams.

One such country that offers various fully funded scholarships is Morocco. In this post, we will dig into some prestigious scholarships available for study in Morocco. These include the Royal Society International Exchange Programme, GSLS Travel Fellowships by the University of Würzburg, Leakey Foundation Research Grants, and the Sydney International Student Awards at the University of Sydney in Australia.

Royal Society International Exchange Programme

The Royal Society International Exchange Programme stands as one of the most esteemed scholarship opportunities, specifically tailored for researchers looking to embark on a collaborative project abroad. This program generously provides funding of up to £12,000 for a one-year academic journey. 

Types of awards:

  • Standard Programme: This program provides grants of up to £12,000 for visits of up to two years.
  • Industry Fellowships: This program provides grants of up to £35,000 for visits of up to 12 months.
  • Kan Tong Po Visiting Fellowships: This program provides grants of up to £35,000 for visits of up to six months for collaborations between UK and Hong Kong scientists.


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  • Standard Programme: Open to researchers at all career stages who are affiliated with a UK research institution.
  • Industry Fellowships: Open to researchers who are employed by an industrial company in the UK.
  • Kan Tong Po Visiting Fellowships: Open to researchers who are affiliated with a research institution in the UK or Hong Kong.

How to apply:

  • Standard Programme:
    • Round 1: 6 March 2024
    • Round 2: 6 September 2024
  • Industry Fellowships: 10 April 2024
  • Kan Tong Po Visiting Fellowships: 6 March 2024

The opportunity to carry out research under this program is not just a pathway to academic advancement but also a doorway to building global professional networks in the world of science.

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GSLS Travel Fellowships by the University of Würzburg

The University of Würzburg, home to the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS), presents an exceptional opportunity for Moroccan students engrossed in the field of life sciences. The GSLS Travel Fellowships is a program that caters to the financial needs of these students by covering all travel and living expenses for a research stay that extends up to three months in Germany.


  • Doctoral researchers enrolled in the GSLS at the University of Würzburg
  • Open to all nationalities

Award Amount:

  • Up to €1,000 per fellowship

Selection Criteria:

  • The relevance of the travel to the applicant’s research project
  • The applicant’s academic record and achievements
  • The potential impact of the travel on the applicant’s career development

By providing Moroccan students with the means to conduct research at the University of Würzburg, the GSLS Travel Fellowships acts as a springboard, propelling students into their future academic and professional careers. It provides the perfect blend of academic enrichment, cultural exposure, and personal development, making it an opportunity not to be missed by any Moroccan student aiming for academic excellence in the field of life sciences.

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Leakey Foundation Research Grants

Are you a Moroccan doctoral student focusing on research related to human origins? The Leakey Foundation has a special opportunity just for you. Catering specifically to studies in human evolution, the Foundation supports students exploring various fields including archaeology, anthropology, primatology, paleontology, and genetics.


  • Open to researchers and students (PhD candidates and above) affiliated with research institutions worldwide.
  • Proposals must have a clear connection to understanding human origins.

Award Cycles:

  • Deadlines: January 10th and July 15th each year.
  • Decisions announced in May and December, respectively.


  • Submit proposals through the online system on the Leakey Foundation website.
  • Required materials include: project description, budget, CV, references, and letters of permission for research involving protected areas or species.

This grant is not only about meeting your immediate financial needs. It’s about empowering Moroccan students to contribute to the body of knowledge regarding human evolution, sharing insights and discoveries that can reshape our understanding of our past.

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How can I get a scholarship in Morocco?

There are several pathways to scholarships in Morocco! Here are some to explore:

  • Moroccan Government Scholarships: The Moroccan government offers scholarships to international students through various programs. Research opportunities on the website of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation: (in French).
  • University-Specific Scholarships: Many Moroccan universities offer their own scholarship programs for international students. Check the websites of universities you’re interested in for specific details.
  • International Scholarship Organizations: Explore opportunities from organizations like DAAD (Germany), Eiffel Excellence Scholarship (France), or The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, which may support studies in Morocco.
  • Need-based Scholarships: Look for scholarships based on financial need, offered by NGOs, religious organizations, or private donors.

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

There’s no guaranteed method, but significantly increase your chances with:

  • Academic Excellence: Maintain exceptional grades, demonstrate intellectual curiosity, and participate in relevant research or competitions.
  • Targeted Research: Find scholarships aligned with your profile, nationality, interests, and goals. Many target specific demographics or academic achievements.
  • Compelling Application: Showcase your talents, achievements, and aspirations through well-written essays, strong recommendation letters, and relevant documentation.
  • Diverse Applications: Don’t rely on one opportunity. Apply to numerous programs that fit your profile.

Which country is easiest to get a full scholarship?

There’s no single “easiest” country. Different factors influence availability and competitiveness:

  • Germany: DAAD scholarships target international students across various disciplines.
  • Norway: Several universities offer full tuition waivers for students with excellent academic records.
  • France: Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program targets Master’s and PhD students in specific fields.
  • Austria: OeAD scholarships support international students across various disciplines.

Remember, competition can be high even in these nations, and academic merit and application quality play crucial roles.

How much does it cost to study in Morocco?

Costs vary depending on your program, university, and lifestyle choices. Generally, tuition fees for international students are lower than in many Western countries.

  • Public universities: Expect fees ranging from €2,000 to €6,000 per year.
  • Private universities: Fees can be higher, often ranging from €4,000 to €12,000 per year.

Is Morocco cheap or expensive?

Living costs in Morocco can be relatively affordable compared to many Western nations. Here’s a general idea:

  • Accommodation: Student housing can be as low as €150-€200 per month.
  • Food: Groceries and eating out can be affordable, with meals costing around €3-€10.
  • Transportation: Public transport is inexpensive, with bus tickets around €0.50-€1.

Remember, these are estimations, and individual expenses can vary based on your lifestyle and choices.


Pursuing higher education in a foreign land can be a transformative experience, both personally and professionally. It’s an opportunity to gain a broader perspective, develop a global network, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Despite the potential obstacles such as financial constraints, scholarship programs like the Royal Society International Exchange Programme, GSLS Travel Fellowships by the University of Würzburg, Leakey Foundation Research Grants, and the Sydney International Student Awards at the University of Sydney in Australia are providing promising Moroccan students a lifeline to achieving their academic aspirations.

The fully funded scholarships mentioned in this post cater to various academic disciplines, from scientific research to life sciences, humanities, and social sciences, offering opportunities for Moroccan students to excel in their chosen field. These scholarships are about more than just financial aid; they provide valuable exposure to global institutions, enabling students to immerse themselves in a culturally diverse environment and engage in high-level research projects. These experiences can prove pivotal in shaping their academic journey and future career paths.

But remember, landing a scholarship takes more than just academic prowess. It requires careful preparation, thorough research, and a compelling application that can effectively showcase your skills, experiences, and the potential you have to make a significant impact. We encourage Moroccan students seeking study abroad opportunities to explore these scholarships, keeping in mind that the application process might be competitive, but the potential rewards are immeasurable.

Finally, while these scholarships open the door to academic growth and career advancement, they also offer the opportunity to become a part of an international community of learners. This global network can lead to meaningful collaborations, lifelong friendships, and invaluable professional relationships that can shape your career in ways you can’t even imagine yet.

In conclusion, fully funded scholarships in Morocco offer more than just a financial relief; they open up a world of opportunities for students to grow, learn, and thrive. So take the plunge, embrace the challenges, and let these scholarships be your stepping stone to an enriching academic journey and a promising professional future.

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