SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for Nigerians 2024/2025

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The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) operates one of the most esteemed and impactful scholarship schemes in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Aimed at supporting the academic advancement of promising Nigerian students, the SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme offers a unique opportunity for Nigerians to pursue postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. 

In this article, we will give you  detailed guide you need to know about SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for Nigerians. Read Along

Benefits of the SPDC Scholarship Scheme 

The SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme offers numerous benefits that extend beyond financial assistance, aiming to foster the academic and professional growth of its recipients. Here are some of the pivotal advantages provided by the scholarship:

  • Full Tuition Coverage: Recipients of the scholarship enjoy full payment of their tuition fees, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede their educational pursuits in the United Kingdom.
  • Travel Allowances: The scheme includes provisions for travel expenses, making the journey to and from the UK smoother and stress-free for the scholars.
  • Monthly Stipend: Scholars receive a monthly stipend which helps cover living expenses, thus allowing them to focus fully on their studies without the burden of financial worries.
  • Health Insurance: Beneficiaries are provided with health insurance, ensuring they have access to necessary medical care while studying abroad, keeping them healthy and focused on their academic goals.
  • Opportunity for International Exposure: Studying in the UK offers scholars the chance to experience a new culture, broaden their horizons, and gain international exposure that is invaluable in today’s globalized world.

By providing these comprehensive benefits, the SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme not only alleviates the financial burden associated with advanced studies but also enriches the educational experience and future prospects of its recipients.

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Who Is Eligible For The Scholarship  

Eligibility for the SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme is carefully defined to ensure that the benefits reach those who not only show exceptional academic merit but also possess the potential to contribute significantly to the development of the Niger Delta region. Here are the key eligibility criteria:

  • Citizenship and Residency: Applicants must be citizens of Nigeria, specifically from the Niger Delta states. They must also reside in Nigeria at the time of application.
  • Educational Background: Candidates should have obtained a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of Second Class Upper Division in their respective fields of study.
  • Age Limit: There might be an age limit set by the scholarship committee, so candidates are advised to check the latest application guidelines for specific age requirements.
  • Admission Offer: Applicants must have secured an admission offer from a UK university for a one-year Master’s program at the time of application to the scholarship. The field of study should ideally be related to the oil and gas industry, community health, or environmental management and sustainability.
  • Language Proficiency: A good command of the English language is crucial. Therefore, evidence of proficiency in English may be required, such as a satisfactory score on an English language test like IELTS or TOEFL, depending on the requirements of the chosen UK university.
  • Community Engagement: Preference may be given to candidates who demonstrate active involvement in community service and initiatives aimed at the development of the Niger Delta region.

These eligibility criteria are designed to identify and support individuals who are not only academically talented but also committed to utilizing their education for the betterment of their communities and the wider Niger Delta region.

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Required Document For The Scholarship  

To ensure a smooth and successful application for the SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme, applicants must prepare and submit a set of required documents. These documents are crucial for the evaluation of the application and provide a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s background, qualifications, and potential. Here is a list of the documents typically required:

  • Personal Statement: A detailed essay outlining your academic and career goals, your interest in your chosen field of study, and how the scholarship will help you achieve these goals. This should also include how you plan to contribute to the development of the Niger Delta region upon completion of your studies.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume: A current CV that includes your educational background, work experience, skills, achievements, and any other relevant activities.
  • Academic Transcripts: Official transcripts from all tertiary institutions attended, showing all courses taken and grades earned. This provides proof of your academic performance and qualifications.
  • Degree Certificates: Copies of your Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent qualifications, confirming your completion of undergraduate studies.
  • Proof of Admission: A formal admission letter from a UK university for a one-year Master’s program, indicating that you have been accepted to pursue postgraduate studies.
  • Language Proficiency Evidence: Depending on the university’s requirements, a certificate showing proficiency in English, such as IELTS or TOEFL scores, if applicable.

Applicants are advised to carefully review the scholarship application guidelines for any additional or specific document requirements and to ensure all documents are up to date and accurately reflect their qualifications and experiences.

How To Apply For The Scholarship 

To apply for the SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme, follow these steps meticulously to ensure your application is complete and stands out:

  • Visit the Official SPDC Scholarship Website: Start by visiting the official website dedicated to the SPDC scholarship schemes. This platform will provide the most current application details, deadlines, and the application form.
  • Download and Complete the Application Form: Find the application form for the postgraduate scholarship scheme. Download, read carefully, and fill out the form with accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Gather Required Documents: Compile all necessary documents as listed in the “Required Document For The Scholarship” section. Ensure each document meets the specified requirements and is clearly legible.
  • Obtain Letters of Recommendation: Secure at least two strong recommendations from individuals who can vouch for your academic or professional competence and character. These should ideally be from academic advisors, professors, or professional supervisors who are familiar with your work and achievements.

By following these steps carefully, you can submit a well-rounded application that showcases your potential and aligns with the SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme’s goals and values.

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What is the Shell Nigeria Delta postgraduate scholarship?

The Shell Nigeria Delta postgraduate scholarship is a program that offers financial assistance to students from the Delta region of Nigeria who are pursuing postgraduate studies at an accredited institution. The scholarship is aimed at providing educational opportunities for students who might not otherwise be able to afford to pursue their studies. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs. In addition, the program also provides access to a network of mentors and support services, and the opportunity to participate in a range of developmental programs and networking opportunities.

How much does SPDC scholarship pay?

The Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) of Nigeria offers a variety of scholarships to deserving students who wish to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the program and the level of study. For undergraduate studies, the SPDC scholarship typically covers tuition fees, a stipend for books and supplies, and a monthly allowance. Postgraduate studies are usually fully funded, with additional support for travel and living expenses. 

Is there a scholarship for Nigerian undergraduate students in 2024?

Yes, there are several scholarships available for Nigerian undergraduate students in 2024. The Nigerian Federal Scholarship Board offers scholarships to eligible students, while the Petroleum Technology Development Fund provides scholarships for those studying engineering or science. Additionally, some private organizations and foundations also offer scholarships for Nigerian undergraduate students. These include the MTN Foundation Scholarship Scheme, the TEF Global Scholarships, and the Harvard Foundation Scholarships.

Which scholarship is available in Nigeria now?

There are a variety of scholarships available for students in Nigeria right now. The most well-known is the Federal Government Scholarship Scheme, which offers financial assistance to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Other notable scholarships include the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) scholarship, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) scholarship, and the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) scholarship

How can I get NNPC scholarship?

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) offers a number of scholarships each year to students studying in Nigeria and abroad. To be eligible for an NNPC scholarship, you must be a Nigerian citizen and meet the specific requirements for the scholarship program you are applying to. Some NNPC scholarships are open to undergraduate students, while others are available for graduate students. 


The Shell Petroleum Development Company’s scholarship initiative stands as a testament to its commitment to the growth and prosperity of the Niger Delta region through education. It is more than just financial support; it is a doorway to opportunities that many from this region could only dream of. By offering a chance to study in the UK, the program does not only elevate individual lives but sews the seeds of transformation within communities, empowering a new generation of leaders and innovators who will drive positive change.

This scholarship goes beyond the immediate benefits to its recipients; it is an investment in the future of the Niger Delta, aiming to cultivate a workforce that can tackle local challenges with global insights and skills. For those with the vision to improve their lives and the lives of those around them, this scholarship provides the tools and platform to turn those aspirations into reality. Aspiring scholars from the Niger Delta should approach this opportunity with the seriousness it deserves, preparing thoroughly to make the most of this chance to enhance their education, their career prospects, and their ability to contribute meaningfully to their communities. In sum, the SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme is more than a scholarship; it’s a catalyst for sustainable development and a brighter future for the Niger Delta region.

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