Canada, Australia, USA and UK; Which is the best Country for Masters Degree?

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As an international student, you might be wondering which is the best country for international students searching for a Master’s Degree between, Canada, Australia, the USA, and the UK?

The US, Canada, Australia, and the UK are the top destinations for Nigerians and international students searching for foreign Masters degrees.

However, a lot of people struggle with making the decision of which country to go to – Canada, Australia, the UK or the USA. You can check the Best Bank Accounts for International Students in Canada.

Using my experience as a graduate student in the USA and what I know about studying in the UK I will try and explain the pros and cons of each of them.


Advantages of Studying Master’s Degree in the USA.

✅Lots of schools to choose from (almost 4,000)
✅Easier to get fully funded scholarships (graduate financial aid)
✅More post-graduate opportunities than in the UK
✅High premium on STEM courses

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Disadvantages of Studying Master’s Degree in the USA

❌Getting a US visa is more difficult
❌As a student you are restricted to working only on campus.



Advantages of Studying Master’s Degree in the UK

✅Easier to get Visa compared to the USA
✅Ability to work anywhere as a student
✅You are closer home ( 6 hours and you are home)
✅Most Master’s programs can be completed in 1 year.
✅School fees are slightly lower than in the USA.
✅Application processes are less complex ( You don’t need to write GRE)

Disadvantages of Studying Master’s Degree in the UK

❌Not as many postgraduate opportunities as in the USA especially for people in STEM.
❌Very few schools to choose from (less than 200)
Fully funded scholarships are almost non-existent (except for Govt scholarships like Chevening and Commonwealth which are very competitive).

I hope this helps you make that decision.

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