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Fully Funded M2A EngD Scholarship at Swansea University

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Engineering: Fully Funded EngD at Swansea: Low-Cost Functional Coatings for Steel

This scholarship is a  Fully Funded M2A EngD Scholarship. Low-value practical coatings for metal-based totally upon two-dimensional nanomaterials

Start date: October 2025

Academic Supervisor: Dr. Richard Cobley and Professor Dave Penny from Swansea University, and Professor Satheesh Krishnamurthy from the Open University

Industrial supervisor: Dr. Samson Patole and Dr. Douglas Figueroa

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Sponsoring company: Tata Steel UK


Steel products have numerous carrier condition challenges such as oxidation, corrosion as nicely as possible damage due to utilized masses and stresses throughout different manufacturing processes. Two-dimensional substances such as Graphene, Molybdenum sulfide, HBN, and MXENE have proven promising residences for corrosion protection, high-temperature resistance, im-permeability to small molecules, as properly as ultra-low friction layer systems.

Hence functional coatings and lubrication systems primarily based on these novel second materials will beautify our product residences and performance. In this context, a wide range of possible market purposes can be considered, such as passivation systems for building merchandise and CFPA packaging, impermeable coatings for tubular merchandise, and advanced automobile lubrication systems for stamping of automobile metal panels.

Project Aims:

Improved useful residences of these hybrid coating systems will differentiate Tata’s products, achieving a competitive facet in the marketplace. The mission will are searching to acquire the following objectives:

  • Create and exhibit arrangements dependent on 2D materials that can convey strong, reasonable coatings for the important applications,
  • Select material for application testing and enhancement,
  • Key comprehension of execution of the new crossover 2D covering frameworks including boundary, passivation, and grease tests.
  • Assessing the appropriateness of covering application innovations like roller coatings, compound coaters, and different advancements.
  • H&S and the natural effect of these new half and half 2D frameworks are to be assessed (natural frameworks may be invaluable).

The success of the project will be evaluated upon the results of the work resulting in a number of successful coating formulations that will lead either to publications or patents to secure IP in this area. Moreover the project will be the first step to build up a firm collaboration with Swansea and Open University in the issues important for R&D in near future.

This work will be completed as a collaboration with Dr Richard Cobley and Professor Dave Penney at Swansea University and Professor Sateesh Krishnamurthy at Open University as they bring the expertise in 2D nanomaterials and coatings technologies which is essential for the key success of this project.

Eligibility for Fully Funded M2A EngD Scholarship at Swansea University

Candidates must be from a less privilege countries, and must be able to show financial proof that he/she is unable to afford the cost of education

Kindly visit this page to apply for the scholarship.

FAQs: Fully Funded M2A EngD Scholarship at Swansea University

What is the Fully Funded M2A EngD Scholarship at Swansea University?

The Fully Funded M2A EngD Scholarship at Swansea University is a comprehensive scholarship program offered in collaboration with the Welsh Government’s European Social Fund. It supports students pursuing an Engineering Doctorate (EngD) degree through the M2A (Materials and Manufacturing Academy) program.

Who is eligible to apply for the M2A EngD Scholarship?

Eligibility for this scholarship typically includes individuals with a strong academic background in engineering, materials science, or related fields. Applicants should demonstrate research potential and a keen interest in pursuing doctoral-level research in collaboration with industry partners.

What does the M2A EngD Scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers tuition fees and provides a stipend to support living expenses for the duration of the EngD program. Additionally, funding may be available for research-related expenses, including travel, equipment, and materials necessary for the successful completion of the research project.

How can I apply for the M2A EngD Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, interested candidates typically need to identify and apply for a specific EngD research project advertised by Swansea University in collaboration with industry partners. Once accepted onto a project, applicants can then apply for the scholarship through the M2A program’s application process, which may include submitting a research proposal and other required documents.

What are the research areas covered by the M2A EngD Scholarship?

The scholarship program supports research projects in various engineering and materials science disciplines, including but not limited to advanced manufacturing, composite materials, aerospace engineering, renewable energy technologies, and biomedical engineering. Research topics are often aligned with the priorities and expertise of Swansea University’s academic staff and industry partners, addressing real-world challenges and opportunities in the field. Prospective applicants are encouraged to explore the available research projects to find a suitable match for their interests.

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