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Agbami Scholarships for Medical and Engineering Undergraduate Students in Nigerian Universities 2023/2024

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Apply for Agbami Scholarships

Agbami field is an oil field in Nigeria. That was discovered in late 1998, it was the second major deepwater oil field discovered off the Niger Delta, the first which is Bonga field by shell.

         Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited, a Chevron company and operator of the Agbami Field, in its continuous support for capacity building in the health and engineering sectors as a strategic feed into the national manpower pool, offers a number of University Scholarship Awards to qualified Nigerian students from ALL states of the Federation.

       The Chevron Agbami scholarship program, funded by Star and its Agbami co-venturers, is a major component of their Social Investment in the strategic development of the health and education sector in Nigeria.

Time and date offered: it is offered annually( yearly)

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Eligible countries: Nigeria 

Eligible universities : Any Nigerian University 

Eligible candidates: undergraduate students specifically  from 100 and 200 levels only

 course of studies legible:

  1. Medicine and surgery 
  2. Dentistry 
  3. Pharmacy 
  4. Engineering 

Eligibility and Requirements: Applications are invited from FULL-TIME, 100 and 200 level undergraduates from any state of the Federation, studying any of the above listed courses. The candidate  must also meet the following requirements:

  1. A Nigerian  or a foreigner studying in an accredited Nigerian University.
  2. Must be a current first year or second year student.
  3. A beneficiary of any other STAR sponsored scholarship or any of its kind should not apply.

 Selected students will be invited for computer-administered qualifying tests(aptitude tests) in selected examination centers nationwide. Short-listed candidates for the qualifying test will be invited by email and text messages. All applicants are therefore advised to ensure that valid mobile telephone numbers and personal email addresses are properly entered into the e-forms on the website.

Application Requirements: Application is open to full-time only 100 or 200 level students admitted into any university and they can apply using the following steps:

  1. ensure that you have clear scanned copies of the following documents:        
  • White background photographs not more than 3 months old
  • School ID card

Admission Letter

  • O’ Level Result
  • JAMB Result
  • Local Government Area Letter of Identification
  1. Ensure to arrange the documents accordingly to avoid a mix-up
  2. Attach the appropriate  document when attaching  the documents. 

Sponsors: chevron Nigeria oil and gas company 

Benefits of this scholarship: payment of tuition fee and stipends ( fixed sum of money paid).

  How to apply:

  1. Open the Agbami scholarship website.
  2. All interested candidates must submit a complete  and accurate information 
  3. All applicants  for the Agbami medical and engineering professional scholarship(AMEPS) program are not eligible to apply for any scholarships  program sponsored by CNL, joint ventures partner or any affiliates which include NNPC scholarships. 
  4. Applicants  and successful candidates are not meant to make any payment whatsoever for the registration of this scholarship. The Agbami scholarship program is free.

Is NIN a must?: No, you can apply before the application deadline without the NIN pin, then update your profile after obtaining  the  NIN pin.

Can changes be made after application submission?: After submission there’s  no room for change. Applications that are not complete  will be cancelled when submitted. However  if the application  deadline  has not passed, editing  and changes can be made.

     The Agbami  scholarship has helped most medical  and engineering  undergraduate complete schooling without the fear of dropping out as a result of not being able to pay tuition fee.


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